5 Things :: what I’d like to ask other bloggers

We’re coming up on MCC’s one-year anniversary next month and I’ve been taking a trip down memory lane.

I’ve grinned at clever posts, cringed at bad photos, patted myself on the back for particularly unique ensembles. I remember when I solidified my layout, when I perfected a cohesive collage routine, when I discovered Photoshop. I saw when my sisters’ commenting tapered off and when other fellow style bloggers swooped in to take their places.

I was pretty naive in those early days, but it’s amazing to see the progression I’ve made, right down to knowing which angles are best and what time of the day produces good light. I know I have still a lot to learn, though, so today, I give you the 5 Things that have been rattling around in my brain regarding blog improvement.

Here’s hoping my fairy blogmother(s) will come and help me out with an answer or 5.

1. Do you click on “notify me” when you leave responses on other people’s blogs?
2. Do you prefer likes or one-liner comments on your own blog?
3. If someone follows your blog, do you automatically follow them back?
4. Do you like blog buttons? Do you use them on yours? Do you promote others’ on yours?
5. Do you respond to every single comment on your blog? How do you decide which one to address and which one to leave by the wayside? What about one-liner comments?

Okay, so I cheated because clearly, there are multiple-part questions bundled as one. So more than 5 Things. But I wouldn’t be an effective English teacher if I didn’t provide follow-up questions to the initial one, right?


Week in review – curse you, Fontana winds!

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5 thoughts on “5 Things :: what I’d like to ask other bloggers

  1. Suzanne says:

    I never click notify me. I get everyone’s responses then.

    I like it when someone shows that they have read my post in their comment. I don’t even notice it when someone likes a post.

    I will always go to blogs when someone has left a comment and I try to comment on their blog but that doesn’t mean I automatically follow them. I will check out their blog, if I find it fits with me then I’ll follow for a bit and see how I like them. Right now I follow too many blogs.

    I only do a very select number of buttons. Otherwise it starts looking crowded.

    I will read every comment and I respond to most. If it is just an assertion then I might not.


  2. 1. I only do that if I asked a question or said something that I expect will get a response.
    3. Absolutely not. I have to really, really like 90% of the outfits on a blog to follow it.
    5. I only respond to comments that I have something legitimate to say in response to.

  3. Val S says:

    Oh, so many questions! And I didn’t study.

    I usually forget to check the notify box, and I don’t really want to get an email for every single comment that is ever made from now to eternity. I don’t know if Blogger works differently – if you only get replies to your specific comment. I know WordPress and Disqus give you all comments in perpetuity.

    I like comments that show they actually read the post. Even if they relate it back to their experience, that’s okay.

    I only follow blogs I really want to follow – I don’t even have time for all of those!

    I have some blog buttons for link-ups, but not all the ones I could have.

    I don’t respond to comments very often – sometimes. For one thing, I read the comments in my email, so I’d have to go onto my blog page to respond. Now that I use Google+ also, I’d probably respond there.

    Now Miss Nosy, how did you get the 52 Pick-me-up button, by the way? I couldn’t find the code, or I’m too dense.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Anne didn’t provide the code, Val. I coded it myself. Shoot me an email and I can send it to you. And thanks for responding to my questions; it puts everything in perspective. 🙂

  4. dapperdolly says:

    “Intavesting questions you are having…”

    1. Nah, I always check the ‘comments you have made’ section in the dashboard for any interesting comments that I wonder if there were any replies to.
    2. I like comments of all kinds so I’d prefer one-liners over likes in general, but it does depend on the nature of the post.
    3. I look at the WP reader a lot and eave more likes and comments than most of those following me anyway so I don’t tend to miss anyone out either way. I follow and follow back when I’ve seen a few posts of theirs or if they’ve seen a few of mine.
    4. You know I do 🙂 I like both buttons and have no problem promoting other bloggers, I don’t see it as a competition and I intend to use your button if the world doesn’t end before the third Friday of Feb 😀
    5. No but I respond to most to be polite and show I appreciate their time/effort.

    Blogging and getting your blog to a standard that you’re happy with certainly is a learning curve.

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