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OOTD :: of sweet mint, sour sherbet and playing hooky




The last time I did polka dots as a theme was March of 2013.

So when Anne @ Spy Girl pronounced her weekly theme to be dots, I just couldn’t resist. After all, next to plaid, polka dots are my fave pattern to play with. And since I’d already planned on linking up with her, why not kill multiple birds with one polka dotted stone, eh?

Thus, I present to you, my friends: Dotty for Dots week!

At first, I thought to challenge myself by not using any items from my last attempt, but I’m a bit ashamed to say that it wasn’t much of a challenge. At last glance, I had enough polka dotted items (bottoms and tops) to do Dotty for Dots week three times over. So instead, I looked to my regular linkup buddies and created ensembles around them. Today is Visible Monday and what can possibly be more visible on a dismal winter day than mint and chartreuse?

Although I feel a bit like a fizzy adult beverage (Buck, anyone?) and should’ve probably saved this outfit for Anne’s Dress Like Your Fave Cocktail week, I am truly enjoying the visual interplay between two vibrant colors. Throw in some bold pattern mixing and you’ve got yourself an ensemble fit to beat the back to work blahs.

Lucky me, I’m ditching work on official business. It’s a long saga which involves a required TB test, egregiously incompetent bureaucrats at district, and multiple and needless hospital visits and I can’t discuss it in detail or the powers that be may just sue me for slander – I’m still that irate! – but the upshot of it all is that I was able to take a boss-sanctioned day off to “go to the doctor” one last time to expedite the whole mess.

Normal number of hours I’m at work, including commute = eight.

Doctor visit = one hour, tops.

Number of hours I have blessedly to myself to squander how I wish = seven.

Who’s laughing last now, beeyotches?!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – F21
Blazer – F21
Jeans – Merona @ Target
Boots – Ross
Necklace – Francesca’s

:: Linking ::
52 Pick-me-up @ Spy Girl
Visible Monday @ Not Dead Yet

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