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OOTD :: of reflecting, reevaluating, and revamping




There is absolutely nothing thrifted in this outfit.

Well, sure, I got the trousers at the NY&Company’s BOGO 50% sale one season. And yeah, the blazer was a total steal during H&M’s online 24-hour deal thing last year. But neither one makes me feel like gloating. I think it’s because, no matter how inexpensively I was able to acquire these items, I’ve been feeling a grand remorse recently regarding the state of my closet.

Perhaps it’s because the newer blogs I’ve begun to follow all share the recurring themes of sustainability, minimalism and quality over quantity. And they’re making me – well, not ashamed, per se – but aware of my excess and my failure to make good on the original intent of this blog.

See, I was supposed to shop my closet, remember? But in the excitement and furor and frenzy of finally finding my groove in the style blogoverse, I lost my way. I bought and splurged and validated my buying and splurging. I threw my budget out the window. And I kept acquiring. I was a true Gollum.

What’s worse, I found myself trying to make more room in my closet for all my stuff. Rather than discarding the old for the new, I just bought more hangers. The shoe box pile grew taller and taller. My closet door no longer opened on its own without an industrial strength doorstop because my hanging scarf organizer competed with my hanging plastic shoe organizer for space behind it.

It’s pretty bad, folks.

So I think it’s high time for a reevaluation and a revamp. As mentioned in a previous post, it’s coming up on my one-year anniversary (on February 19, in fact) and I think I need some focus and direction. I’d like to take MCC forward and grow with it, but I also want to be able to sustain it in a fiscally responsible manner.

It’s an initially daunting enterprise, I know, but I’m thinking if I spin it and convince myself that it’s a “blog makeover”, then maybe it won’t feel so overwhelming? I dunno. I’d appreciate a little help/encouragement/intervention along the way.

And I SWEAR those Union Jack Doc Marten boots are the last purchase I’ll make this month. Honest.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Merona @ Target
Blazer – H&M
Trousers – NY&Co.
Pumps – Madden Girl

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