OOTD :: of reflecting, reevaluating, and revamping




There is absolutely nothing thrifted in this outfit.

Well, sure, I got the trousers at the NY&Company’s BOGO 50% sale one season. And yeah, the blazer was a total steal during H&M’s online 24-hour deal thing last year. But neither one makes me feel like gloating. I think it’s because, no matter how inexpensively I was able to acquire these items, I’ve been feeling a grand remorse recently regarding the state of my closet.

Perhaps it’s because the newer blogs I’ve begun to follow all share the recurring themes of sustainability, minimalism and quality over quantity. And they’re making me – well, not ashamed, per se – but aware of my excess and my failure to make good on the original intent of this blog.

See, I was supposed to shop my closet, remember? But in the excitement and furor and frenzy of finally finding my groove in the style blogoverse, I lost my way. I bought and splurged and validated my buying and splurging. I threw my budget out the window. And I kept acquiring. I was a true Gollum.

What’s worse, I found myself trying to make more room in my closet for all my stuff. Rather than discarding the old for the new, I just bought more hangers. The shoe box pile grew taller and taller. My closet door no longer opened on its own without an industrial strength doorstop because my hanging scarf organizer competed with my hanging plastic shoe organizer for space behind it.

It’s pretty bad, folks.

So I think it’s high time for a reevaluation and a revamp. As mentioned in a previous post, it’s coming up on my one-year anniversary (on February 19, in fact) and I think I need some focus and direction. I’d like to take MCC forward and grow with it, but I also want to be able to sustain it in a fiscally responsible manner.

It’s an initially daunting enterprise, I know, but I’m thinking if I spin it and convince myself that it’s a “blog makeover”, then maybe it won’t feel so overwhelming? I dunno. I’d appreciate a little help/encouragement/intervention along the way.

And I SWEAR those Union Jack Doc Marten boots are the last purchase I’ll make this month. Honest.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Merona @ Target
Blazer – H&M
Trousers – NY&Co.
Pumps – Madden Girl

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8 thoughts on “OOTD :: of reflecting, reevaluating, and revamping

  1. Val S says:

    I know what you mean about feeling a little ashamed about all those cheap things I bought at Walmart and Old Navy and Target. But I’ve also bought so many things at thrift stores since I started reading blogs, and a lot of them have gone right back. It’s all a learning curve! You have to try things to figure out what you don’t like.

  2. mtsedwards says:

    Oh, everyone! Thanks so much for your collective support and advice! I did a mini-cull of my closet last night and already I feel tons lighter, literally and figuratively. I have a bag that’s going to charity for sure, but I’ve found some pieces that are in rip-roaring excellent condition and I think I’m gonna take a stab at selling them. I’m gonna try eBay first, but I think I may have a lead on how to create a free ecommerce store. Fingers crossed…

  3. Suzanne says:

    I can empathize with you. Fashion style blogging seems to reinforce the need to consume 24/7. You’ll always find something else you want, of that there is no doubt. It is knowing enough to curb that desire or shift the focus a bit.

    This year I started getting into vintage fashion, thrifting, consignment and estate sale shopping. It has changed the way I look at clothes.

    I never wanted to look like another blogger before, I always wanted the unusual pieces and this method of shopping has increased that desire. The good thing is that it is the thrill of the hunt when shopping like this that fuels me rather than the consumption of ill made cheap slave labour clothing from large brand stores.

    This hasn’t curbed all of my desires for some new items, but it has drastically decreased and also helped me focus on my personal style.

    Shopping your closet is one thing, but if you can take items out of there that you don’t wear and aren’t you and take them to a consignment store, get some cash for them and turn around and pick up something from the same consignment store for zero dollars knowing that you’ve just saved some of the planet by recycling I think everyone wins.


  4. Oh, this post makes me laugh! I think excess is a risk for personal style bloggers, no matter the angle they pitch! In the end, I think it comes down to happiness. I mean, we both know that material things don’t literally buy happiness, but if joyful self-expression means a new blazer and a few more hangers, then so be it!

    Very slimming look on you today…not that you ever look the opposite of slim!

  5. jangrahammcmillen says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only one experiencing this process! For me, the more I’ve read other women’s blogs, the more I’ve seen my wardrobe from a more objective perspective. Complete objectivity isn’t possible … too much love and angst and too many blind spots, but improvement is possible! And it’s spring just ahead. Not only does new growth appear, but there is a final sloughing of dead structures. So we clean our closets, and that results in a fresher psyche, at least for me!
    I love reading about why we dress as we do, and what we’re thinking when we do it. And that’s why I keep coming back to blogs like yours.
    I believe in and thrive on sartorial evolution. I do. Carry on!
    (And you frequently crack me up. Not necessary, but a big treat for everyone who reads what you write.)

  6. Oh Maricel, I wish I could give you a hug and help you clean out your closet. Would it be less daunting if you don’t actually get rid of stuff right away? Maybe you could purge and then just store the purged items in the garage/attic/basement for awhile, and then if you haven’t missed the purged items in a month you could donate them. It do that with items I’m not sure about. It helps prevent donator’s remorse.
    You can email me any time you need an intervention!

  7. Connie Snow* says:

    Well…..I struggle with this, too. I think it’s all about balance. The second hand and locally produced clothing where I live is pretty sparse. And not so cheap. If I want to get dressed I pretty much have to make it or buy it new. So don’t beat yourself up about this. Oy! Life in the modern world! You look pretty darn amazing, by the way.

  8. dapperdolly says:

    Oo the outfit reminds me of the one I wore on our first blog linkup – but you wear it better, it looks swanky on you 🙂

    In regards to the post, it sounds like you could do with a good clear out of all the things you don’t wear or are unlikely to wear 🙂 There’s plenty of options, can donate to a charity you admire, can swap them in an exchange or organize an exchange which can be a lot of fun, sell them, or recycle/upcycle them 🙂 I used to do a clear out ever few months and give them in black bags to alternate charity intake places or shops and in the same token, that makes them eclectic places to shop in addition to spending money there anyway.

    With the advent of online shopping it’s very easy to go click, click and click and voila but as you’ve said, it just piles up. I’ve shopping for clothing once in at least 15 months now so it is more than possible for you to manage your budget, space and time in a way that you can reconcile with better 🙂 There’s also a lot ‘get things as cheap as possible’ ethos in the bargain hunter world and blogosphere without taking into account the producers and traders and whilst not being ripped off, not ripping them off either. You could cake a dip into stores selling new locally produced items, revamping old ones or stores such as thrift and charity stores when in the mood to shop or before going online. There’s also adventure to be had at markets, yard sales and car boot sales even if you don’t buy anything! Fairtrade fabrics and clothing is extremely difficult to ensure as a buyer in this world but the world hasn’t ended yet so best of luck with this blog makeover 😀

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