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OOTD :: of being too damned picky but justifiably so



Okay, people, let’s talk proportion.

I am 5’1″ and shrinking but I hardly ever shop in the petites section because I’m built like a tank. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to having most of my bottoms tailored to fit which is why I have a solid relationship with my local tailor/substitute teacher/mother of my current student – how convenient, right?!

When I scored this uber cute skirt from eBay – and I say “scored” deliberately because I wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford anything from J.Crew and this skirt was all of $15! – I didn’t think I’d have to do anything to it because it looked to be the correct length. I even created today’s outfit and sashayed in front of the mirror with no qualms.

Then I snapped some photos.

And I realized I looked short and dumpy. Note Exhibit A.


Exhibit A

Can’t see it? Think I’m my own worst critic? Well, I immediately hitched up that skirt to my boobs, took some test photos and voilà! Instant difference. Note Exhibit B:


Exhibit B

It’s the difference of an inch, but to me, it makes all the difference in the world. It’s why I can’t wear midis to save my life unless they’re body-hugging or cut really straight à la pencil skirt. I may have killer calves and teeny ankles, but length of leg I have not. I shouldn’t complain – with my height, I can pull off mini skirts without looking inappropriate and that’s a good thing, right? It just means this skirt is headed to the needs-to-be-tailored pile if I want to make use of the cunning side pockets without looking like a T-rex (Look, Ma! No arms!)

In other news, how about this print for fulfilling Anne’s and my shared Dotty for Dots theme? Sure, they’re hearts but they’re clustered in such a way that they mimic polka dots, don’t you think? And how about all that red? From the lips to my patent pumps, I’m really doing up Valentine’s Day right. The hubby better take me out tonight! I have a hankering for shrimp!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Jacket – Community Thrift Store
Skirt – J.Crew @ eBay
Top – F21
Necklace – Payless
Shoes – Karmen @ Payless

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