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5 Things :: what I can keep reading ad infinitum

In honor of T3 launching this week, how’s about a list of the top 5 series I keep closest to my heart?

Yup, I said series. Because that’s how much I love to read, yo! One book just ain’t gonna cut it; it has to be at least a duology if it wants to earn prime real estate on my bookshelves.

These, then, are the books that have stood the test of time. That have traveled with me from my childhood home to our newlywed condo to our starter home and who now lord over the newbies with beneficent grace in our current home.

If I was stranded on a deserted Arctic tundra – because, you know, I hate the heat so an island just won’t do – these are the books I’d lug with me to keep me company.

1. the Belgariad – An orphan boy of humble beginnings, an ageless aunt, a wizened wanderer. Magic, a call to adventure, Bogart/Bacall repartee and five wondrous books plus five more in the accompanying sequel series. What is there not to love?

2. the Dragonriders of Pern – I began with the Harper Hall trilogy because the librarian probably thought it to be the most accessible to a then ten-year-old, but I became a rabid fan after I devoured the Dragonriders trilogy and I’ve never looked back.

3. the Chronicles of Prydain – Because before Disney got a hold of it and ruined The Black Cauldron, this sweeping saga of Welsh lore captured my heart by making a hero of an Assistant Pig-Keeper.

4. Harry Potter – Does this one even need any explanation?

5. the Dark is Rising series – This is the Arthurian legend done right. Don’t let the awful movie or the thinness of the volumes fool you; this is not just a children’s tale. It is dark and deep and symbolic and I dare you not to weep when you get to the end of the fifth book.

So there you have it, folks. My top 5 series. In hindsight, I realize they’re all fantasy-driven but that’s to be expected as I’m such a fantasy nut. Perhaps at a later date, I’ll share with you my top 5 YA books. Or my top 5 romances. Or my top 5 tearjerkers…


Week in review – May the dots forever be in your favor!

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