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OOTD :: of Custo Barcelona and fancying Friday




I blame it all on Dolly @ Substance AND Style.

She was the one who introduced me to Custo Barcelona and their fantabulous tops with this post. I was instantly entranced by the bold graphics and shameless color combinations. I especially fell in love with the bell sleeves in the first photo. I was hooked, my friends, and we all know what that meant.

Mad Hunt time.

I tried Custo’s website first. The good news is that they ship to the states. The bad news is that, like J.Crew, they were painfully out of my price range. (Dolly did say she got hers at clearance.) So it was off to eBay for me. And after several weeks and a couple false leads (I’m a 4, not a 3 in their sizing), I managed to score two uh-mazing tops. Granted, they’re not as uh-mazing as Dolly’s, but I thought they were pretty. And they were acquired at the right price too.

Anyhow, wouldn’t you know, this one arrived just in time for Anne’s week of pink. Plus it goes perfectly with my maxi skirt which I’d intended to wear today anyway in honor of Dolly’s Fancy Friday. OMgosh! It’s as if the blogging gods were smiling on me!

So I dedicate today’s post to you, my dear Dolly. Not only am I all gussied up for your linkup, but I’m doing it in a top that was inspired by you. Thanks to you, I am well and thoroughly addicted to this brand. I’ve still got eBay sending me updates whenever a new Custo top in a size 4 gets listed, so here’s hoping I eventually find at least three more* that’s half as awesome as yours.

*so I can do a Custo theme week. Ehehe.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Custo Barcelona @ eBay
Skirt – Old Navy
Flats – Charlotte Russe
Necklace – F21

:: Linking ::
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