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OOTD :: of sequins and cheating just a little bit




Today, we feature sequins as the Roaring 20s trend.

What? What’s that, you say? I’m not wearing any sequins? Oh, alright. In point of fact, I’m wearing beads. Loads and loads of beads. I’m thinking, then, that the sheer plethora of beads ought to be the equivalent to sequins, yeah? I mean, they’re both sparkly and shiny and little.

No? Not convinced? Well, what if I pointed out that the swirly design on the tank top is reminiscent of Art Deco, which of course is very 20s? And what about that scalloped edge?

Still nothing? Hey, that necklace ought to count for something, right? And check out that little flapper pose I did just there. I’m like one jazz saxophonist away from the Charleston.

Man, this is a tough crowd! Okay, how about we just agree to disagree and just revel in the blue-ness of the outfit. At least I got TARDIS Tuesday right.

EDIT: Ah, SoCal weather! Thou art truly a fickle mistress!

Of course I’d wake up today to temps in the mid 70s. Not too shabby, my cousins to the immediate west would say. Are you kidding me? my East Coast brethren would exclaim. Regardless of your current temp and body adaptability thereof, I’m telling you I got cold and thus, the ensemble went through a last-minute revision.

Imagine my black lace skirt (twin to this one so not too difficult to swap) and my go-to black knee high boots (which, apparently, aren’t that go-to since I’ve worn them all of once since the inception of this blog). That’s what I truly wore today. Kinda de-emphasized the 20s theme even more, yeah?

My only consolation is that my students – who have taken it upon themselves to try to guess my weekly theme in exchange for homework passes – will be thrown off track by today’s outfit. Mwahahaha!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – francesca’s
Skirt – F21
Cardi – francesca’s
Necklace – gifted
PumpsMerona @ Target

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