OOTD :: of Art Deco design and sucking it all in





Today, we showcase art deco design.

This, in my opinion, is the epitome of the 20s and what I am most drawn to. The severity of the crisp geometry juxtaposed with the fluidity of the abstract swirls sings to the Gemini in me. I do so appreciate when combining two disparate things results in a comprehensive and aesthetic whole.

Whew. Now that that rigmarole is out of the way, let’s talk clothes. I’m really digging all the details of the top (which is the statement piece of this outfit, in case that wasn’t already apparent). The beading is exquisite and meticulous. The neckline is both modest and intriguing. The sleeves are very reminiscent of traditional Filipino dress. The scalloped hem adds an extra zing to an already-zingy piece. Oh, and did I mention the lining is 100% silk?

Of course, since this top was designed for evening wear, I knew I had to scale down the drama for it to be work appropriate. Cue the fresh mint blazer and the flippy skater skirt. Both work together to minimize the glitz and glamor of the top, the former because of its office/professional roots and the latter because of its casual jersey fabric. A pair of modest peeptoe heels completes the look.

To be honest, this may be my least favorite of the bunch this week, if only because I am going to be sucking in all day in this ensemble. Silk may be luxurious and rich, but it’s got no give. Add about a pound of beading and I feel like I’m stuck in a corset. Ah, at least I’m theme compliant, yeah?

EDIT: Phooey to you, SoCal weather! We’re having a storm! Sure, it’s a SoCal storm which means droplets from the sky and temps in the low 60s, but it’s cold and wet nonetheless. I can take one or the other in the original ensemble, but the one-two punch of cold and wet trumps it.

Below, then, is my attempt to winterize my outfit. Out with the ineffective blazer; in with the cuddly cardi. Throw on a pair of opaque leggings and provide some toe and leg coverage with a boot. If it had been five degrees colder, I would’ve added a scarf. Thank goodness I didn’t have to go that far; I really love the necklace with this look. And of course, to stave off the annoying raindrops from my glasses, finally a cloche!



I don’t know how successful the resulting ensemble is – and please pardon the bad indoor lighting – but at least now I can participate in Caitlin’s linkup.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – SCALA @ eBay
Blazer – F21
Skirt – ASOS
Pumps – Seychelles @ eBay

:: Linking ::
Remix Rewear Restyle @ Greater Than Rubies

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18 thoughts on “OOTD :: of Art Deco design and sucking it all in

  1. […] even though skater skirts are a new fave, I’ve done so many iterations of it (here, here and here, for example) that I can safely say it’s been a true remix of my wardrobe. Pairing it up […]

  2. Caitlin says:

    What gorgeous detailing on that dress! It looks completely different in each way you’ve styled it- so fun! Thanks for sharing your looks with us, Maricel!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Huh. I must’ve done something right because it’s not a dress – it’s two pieces! But if it looks like a dress, then that means I can consider it as such. Which means I now have more ways to style and more events to wear this ensemble to. Woot!

  3. Val S says:

    Both outfits look great, but I did think the first one was too dressy for work. You’d put all the other teachers to shame!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Now that you mention it, I guess the combo of heel and sparkle does put it closer to dressy on the spectrum. So, huzzah for SoCal weather! ;p

  4. Oooh, pretty social media icons! I just started following you on Pinterest dearie!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, the pressure! Does that mean I need to go back to Pinning regularly? It’s such the Las Vegas of the interweb, though: once you’re in, you never come back out. ;p

  5. I love both versions of this look! I’m a big fan of Art Deco – I tried to get this tee from Asos, but they shipped the wrong thing and now it’s out of stock.

    I’m glad you got to link up with Caitlin! I asked partially for you, but really for everyone. Before I had a blog, I was linking to RRR via GCOGH, and I’d just link anything that got the requirement. Now that I have the blog, I’ve felt like I need to do something new.

  6. Connie* says:

    Man oh Man! You are one hard working little flapper. My grandma was a flapper type and I found a bunch of her old dresses and they were heavy with beads! Yeah, those Filipino sleeves. Work it, Girl! I’m so happy it’s raining! Boots and Hats and grass and leaves and vegetables!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Would you be able to wear your grandma’s dresses or are they so vintage they need to be handled with care? What fun to have found them – I bet they’re gorgeous. And yeah, I spoke too soon. Right now, 5 hours since my commute, the sun is out and there’s nary a drop on the horizon. Sigh…

  7. Gorgeous top Maricel! The length of it over your twirly skirt is very flattering. Perfect! And you know, the hat and brolly actually make the outfit look even more twenties!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Brolly! I love it! Wonder if I’d sound too affected if I started calling them that? And thanks for the sewing advice, Sue. It doesn’t look as apparent in the photos but I sure would love to stop having to tug at the back to make the front lie flat. ;p

  8. dapperdolly says:

    Ooo even though the storm has changed your plans I really like your new rendition of the outfit – I can imagine you doing a version of ‘Singing in the Rain’ 😉

    Mum and I really like the design of those beaded scalloped tops, they suit her figure better than mine but she can attest to the ‘having to suck it all in’ feeling all day. She tends to wear a belt underneath to stop any stomach grumbling. The chest can also be constricting on these types of tops though so I hope you have enough breathing room! That said it sits really nicely on the skirt giving the skirt an extra cute shape.

    I love the Filipino dress comparison and the dresses pictures are super stunning! 😀

    Also loving the cloche – but then who wouldn’t!?

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, trust me, I’m wearing some serious foundational undergarments in this outfit! Would hate to have burst the seams and spurted beads everywhere in the middle of class. ;p

      Aren’t they just? Makes me wish I’d succumbed to my mom’s suggestion to get married in traditonal Filipino garb.

      Yep, I am currently obsessed with cloches. Make me not go out and buy them in every single color, please.

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