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OOTD :: of Roaring 20s and tea dresses




This is the last time I’m doing this.

The last time I go balls out (pardon the vulgarity) on a theme, that is.

I swear.

Because, contrary to my belief, you can fulfill a theme – no matter how obscure or demanding – with stuff already in your closet. Case in point: Anne’s Pick-me-up this week is the Roaring 20s. Instead of shopping my closet like the clever and judiciously thrifty Selah did, I went hog wild on a Mad Hunt on eBay, stalking pieces and swooping in at the last minute to score some beauties.

The good news is that they weren’t all that pricey. The bad news is I had to do it five times because there are five days in a work week and I wanted to do a theme week around Anne’s.

Stupid, stupid rat creature. (I’m talking about me here, not you, gentle reader.)

So yeah, I blew my monthly budget on a week’s worth of outfits. I promise not to do that ever again. Or, at least I’ll try. Maybe you all can keep me honest. Not one to belabor a point, however, let’s get on with the show…

1920s clothing trends are a little bit naughty, a little bit nice and without a doubt some of the most scandalous-for-their-time designs of 20th century female fashion.

By 1924, hemlines had risen to the knee, waistlines dropped below the hips and the arms and back were exposed to attract the attention of male admirers on the dance floor.

No longer trapped by oxygen-sucking corsets, the ’20s female could adorn herself in metallic thread, sequined beading and shimmery lame when she hit the town all wild ‘n fancy free. Oh, to return to this decade and learn the Charleston in the dark shadows of a speakeasy!

from Sammy Davis Vintage

This highly informative article from S. Davis Vintage proceeds to list 10 trends inherent to 20s fashion. I chose 5 that I thought would be easily accessible and/or easily modernized. After all, I didn’t want to be so derivative of the time period that I looked costume-y.

Today, I chose to highlight tea dresses. Unfortunately, this look also happens to be my most derivative of the week. You really can’t modernize a tea dress like this. I mean, don’t think I didn’t try – I was initially gonna wear this look with combat boots! In the end, though, because it is Visible Monday, and because the dress and its accompanying coverup was just too much of a statement piece to mess with, I chose to embrace the theme and the decade whole-heartedly. All that’s missing is a bobbed haircut and a cloche.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – eBay
Shoes – Seychelles @ eBay
Necklace – gifted

:: Linking ::
52 Pick-me-up @ Spy Girl
Visible Monday @ Not Dead Yet

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5 Things :: what makes me feel baaad

And by baaad, I mean badass, of course.

Because nothing makes me feel more badass than some head-bangin’, lip-pursin’, fast-drivin’, fist-pumpin’ tunes. Know what I’m sayin’?

1.  My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark  Fallout Boy

2.  Misery Business Paramore

3.  I’m Not Okay My Chemical Romance

4.  Bleed It Out Linkin Park

5.  Chop Suey System of the Down

And yes, I know it’s incongruous to have this 5 Things list then show you a week’s worth of girly pink-dom. What can I say – I’m quixotic that way. You know you love it.


Week in review – Isn’t she pretty in pink?

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WIT :: of acronyms and secret languages


Over the 12 months that I’ve persevered with MCC, I’ve fallen into a rather reprehensible habit of assumption.

That is, I assume people have been with me since Day 1. Or have a more than passing knowledge of my life. Or are psychic. And because of these assumptions, I forget that some of you gentle readers may be quite lost when I mention things offhand or without context.

Today, then, I shall attempt to rectify this situation. I have begun to compile a list of terms that I find myself using with abandon and I’d like to share the lovely lexicon I’ve created. Just for you. In alphabetical order, no less.

The MCC Lexicon

5 Things /fīv THiNGs/ (noun) – my Sunday feature; a way for me to do a recap of the previous week’s outfits and talk about randomosity at the same time. Since I don’t “dress up” on weekends, it’s a way for me to still post on my off days. I chose 5 because Top 10 is too much for random and 3 feels like not enough. Plus, 5 work outfits? 5 random things? It’s a match made in blogoverse heaven. I am running out of 5 Things ideas, though, so please feel free to drop me a line and give me topic suggestions.

BFF /b eff eff/ (noun) – self-explanatory and ubiquitous internet acronym for “Best Friends Forever”, sure, but here in MCC land, it’s the official name for my best friend/matron of honor/fellow English teacher

blogoverse /blog o vers/ (noun) – my cheeky term for the blogosphere or the community of bloggers I follow; I am, after all, a geek at heart

HGB /eɪch j b/ (noun) – 1. Holy Grail, Batman! or what I call things in my life that are indispensable. 2. a semi-regular weekend feature on MCC. Back when I was really into makeup – thanks KS#1! – I would stalk product review sites/blogs and they’d all refer to can’t-live-without-you items as their “holy grail”. I thought that really silly, albeit apropos. Then I thought of the 60s TV show I grew up watching, and thus a term is born.

interweb /intərweb/ (noun) – because no matter how well I front, I’m really a digital immigrant and sometimes I need to remind myself that I’m just passing through and shouldn’t take myself so seriously

Intrepid TAs /inˈtrepid t‘ eɪs’/ (adjective and noun) – indomitable teacher assistants; for those not in academia, I guess TAs in your world would be – how do you say? – minions. I have two official and one unofficial TAs and they run my life like a well-oiled machine. Or like tiny shoemaker’s elves.

KS /keɪ es/ (noun) – kid sister; I have two younger sibs so I refer to them as KS#1 (the one four years my junior who’s a nurse in Boston and who helps me with hair, nails and makeup) and KS#2 (the baby of the family who’s a doctor’s site manager in the Bay Area and who got me into blogging in the first place)

Mad Hunt /mad hunt/ (noun) – a relatively new term, it refers to that compulsion I get to stay up till the wee hours of dawn searching for an item that I just. Must. Have. My recent Mad Hunts include Custo Barcelona tops, Chelsea boots, 20s-inspired dresses and TARDIS blue Chucks. I’ve succeeded in all but the Chelsea boots hunt.

T3 /t‘ THrē/ (noun)Thoughtful Third Thursday; my joint linkup with Selah from A Bibliophile’s Style

TARDIS /tärdis/ (noun) – 1. a time machine. 2. a building or container that is larger inside than it appears to be from outside. I kid you not, the Merriam Webster online dictionary had an actual entry for the TARDIS. In the Whoverse, of course, we know it as the Time And Relative Dimension In Space transport that allows the Doctor to be – well, the Doctor. It’s also very blue and is the star of my Tuesday outfits, in color if not in theme/spirit.

Theme weeks – I talked about these in great detail, but in all the furor of linkups (both mine and others’), I think people may have overlooked them. Don’t fret, though. Aside from Thrifted Thursdays (which gets harder and harder to fulfill because I’m just not a thrifty person), I have actually managed to follow through with my days even if I don’t mention it in my posts.

WIT /ˈdəbəl  yo͞o    t‘/ (noun) – 1. What I‘m Thinking. 2. another semi-regular weekend feature on MCC. Originally coined to signal my fashionista readers that the post was less about clothes and more about my lunatic ramblings, it’s now become my excuse for randomness. Formerly known as “What’s in my head” but WIT seems a more punny, apropos acronym.

As I plan to continue adding to this list as I go, don’t be surprised if this ends up graduating to becoming a page all on its own and joining its compatriots up top on the main navi bar. Now to think of a clever word that starts with “in” and ends with “tion” and means “dictionary” or “glossary”. Egads, I’m anal!

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OOTD :: of Custo Barcelona and fancying Friday




I blame it all on Dolly @ Substance AND Style.

She was the one who introduced me to Custo Barcelona and their fantabulous tops with this post. I was instantly entranced by the bold graphics and shameless color combinations. I especially fell in love with the bell sleeves in the first photo. I was hooked, my friends, and we all know what that meant.

Mad Hunt time.

I tried Custo’s website first. The good news is that they ship to the states. The bad news is that, like J.Crew, they were painfully out of my price range. (Dolly did say she got hers at clearance.) So it was off to eBay for me. And after several weeks and a couple false leads (I’m a 4, not a 3 in their sizing), I managed to score two uh-mazing tops. Granted, they’re not as uh-mazing as Dolly’s, but I thought they were pretty. And they were acquired at the right price too.

Anyhow, wouldn’t you know, this one arrived just in time for Anne’s week of pink. Plus it goes perfectly with my maxi skirt which I’d intended to wear today anyway in honor of Dolly’s Fancy Friday. OMgosh! It’s as if the blogging gods were smiling on me!

So I dedicate today’s post to you, my dear Dolly. Not only am I all gussied up for your linkup, but I’m doing it in a top that was inspired by you. Thanks to you, I am well and thoroughly addicted to this brand. I’ve still got eBay sending me updates whenever a new Custo top in a size 4 gets listed, so here’s hoping I eventually find at least three more* that’s half as awesome as yours.

*so I can do a Custo theme week. Ehehe.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Custo Barcelona @ eBay
Skirt – Old Navy
Flats – Charlotte Russe
Necklace – F21

:: Linking ::
52 Pick-me-up @ Spy Girl
Fancy Friday @ Substance AND Style

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