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OOTD :: of groovy 60s, shift dresses and mosaics




I’m trying something new today.

I decided to make do without my usual detail photo or my triptych of faux candids. Instead, you get a triple threat of full-body portraits because the dress is such a showstopper that it demands different and prominent advertising.

And if you buy that baloney, I’ve got some desert property to sell ya.

Snark aside, the reality of it all is that I had been in such a frenzy trying to capture the light during this week’s photo shoot that I plumb forgot to take detail shots. And because this was the first outfit to be photographed, and because the first outfit always has me at a disadvantage – I always have to warm up to the camera, even after this many months of blogging – I just didn’t have enough pictures for a triptych.

Ah, first-world problems and the behind-the-scenes challenges of a style blogger, eh?

Anyhow, this week’s theme is Going Geo(metric), riding on the coattails of Anne’s 52 Pick-me-up challenge from last week (we’re off schedule again). I plan to regale you with outfits that gyrate and mesmerize and hopefully along the way, some of them will correspond to other people’s linkups so I can kill multiple birds with one stone.

Today’s offering is an oldie but goody. I’ve had this dress for years and it’s still going strong because of the classic shift silhouette that we all know I adore. I also love the bold pattern and colors that, combined, allow me to go easy on the accessorizing. A plain long chain and my new fave stilettos and I’m good to go.

Sorry, Caitlin, for such a simple offering for your Dress Up (or Down) linkup. But sometimes, one just has to capitalize on the very nature of a dress; the fact that they’re an all-in-one affair makes for effortless, basic styling, and if said dress has a fabulous pattern, then even easier, yeah?

Now if only those sunnies were prescription ones and I could actually wear them as more than just a prop!


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Ross
Sunnies – Old Navy
Pumps – Type Z
Necklace – jcp

:: Linking ::
Remix Rewear Restyle @ Greater Than Rubies
52 Pick-me-up @ Spy Girl

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5 Things :: what keeps me up past midnight

The irony of it all is that last week’s blog assignment for my juniors was an article about sleep and the repercussions of the lack thereof.

Now granted, I’m no teen. But many, many studies claim that sleep is up there in the hierarchy of things humans must have to survive. Pretty close to oxygen, food and water, I’m guessing. No matter how old you are. So really, the article is relevant to everybody.

And yet I find myself pushing the limits of my 40+ body every night for the past few weeks, much to the detriment of my face (I’ve never had dark circles under my eyes before), my humor (I’ve been in a perpetually sour mood, even after that time of the month has come and gone), and my exercise regimen (my treadmill is like Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart, mocking me from its neglected place in the first-floor office).

What is causing me to to stay up into the wee hours of morn? How about I give you 5 Things?

1. Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick – Had to finish this before I began my Literature Circles unit. It’s the only book out of the eight choices that I hadn’t previously read. I started at 9pm on a Friday and finished it – all 480 pages of it – at around 2am Saturday morning. Yeah. It’s that gripping.

2. Veronica Mars movie – If you’ve never watched this TV show, drop everything and marathon it. Now. There’s a reason this movie was created – nine years after the last episode aired – practically solely funded by fans through Kickstarter. And really, do we need another reason to fangirl over Kristen Bell? I think not.

3. Ink Master – My guilty reality show pleasure. Next to Project Runway anyway, and PR is on hiatus so I don’t feel like I’m cheating on it. Hey, at least I don’t want to move to Hoboken and eat at Carlo’s Bakery like my daughter does. (I kid you not! She told me so herself – the kid is obsessed with Cake Boss!)

4. Mad Hunting for crop tops – Not that I’m finger-pointing, but when Jan @ Fort Smith Stylista off-handedly mentioned them in her Spring Lust List, I suddenly developed a hankering for them which is alarming since my one body image issue has always been and will always be my flabby belly. So why I’m even considering purchasing items whose very purpose is to show off washboard abs is beyond me. But reason and logic don’t stop me from trawling eBay and my other usual suspects for the perfect treasure.

5. – As if I needed to add another online retailer to my stable, right? I don’t even know how I stumbled upon them; probably one of the myriad links I click from other bloggers (I need to stop myself from doing that). The upshot of this store is that they offer free ship, a fabulously easy interface, and relatively decent price points. Oh, and did I mention they’re British? Like ASOS, I find the aesthetic of most overseas stores more appealing to my jaded States-side eye, and the bonus is that I get to acquire pieces that most people don’t already have. It’s dangerous and exciting – my kind of late-night shenanigan.


Week in review – a plethora of Pantone


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WIT :: HELP! I just dowsed my life!

So what do you do when you accidentally leave your water bottle half open then throw it in your bag as per usual on your way out the door, thus getting water all over your stuff, but you don’t realize it until forty minutes later when you get home?

Okay, so at least it wasn't this bad.

Okay, so at least it wasn’t this bad.

What do you do when you’ve effectively sogged your Coach wallet, the contents of your Coach wallet, a library book and your work MacBook?

Not this bad either.

Not this bad either.

You swear a blue streak, experience a wretched case of the shakes, pay a panicked visit to your boyfriend, Google, and find some rice is what you do.

Not my pic, but you get the general idea.

Not my pic, but you get the general idea.

Then you quietly, internally freak out, text your IT guy coz you’re too chickenshit to call, confess your sins and pray to Allah/Buddha/Yahweh that the damage is minimal and that you don’t have to pay for it.

Find the zen...

Find the zen…

And then you wonder how you’re gonna keep blogging when all your files and programs and bookmarks and stuff are on that damned MacBook.

Insert your favorite swear words here.

Insert your favorite swear words here.

But then you bend like the willow in the wind, and you haul out your trusty, clunky, heavy-ass PC and its accompanying bag to take to work. (Damn, this sucker’s heavy!) You plan a repentant trip to the public library and make ready to pay some fines. (Alas, Snow Queen! I hadn’t even begun reading you!) You compose a weekend end blog post that explains your dilemma and hope all your regulars now understand why you were unable to respond to all of the previous days’ comments. (Sorry, guys!)

And you breathe. Tell your story to as many people as possible to assuage your guilt and tamp down your trepidation. And find appropriate photos for your blog that illustrate the debacle.

Redundant but necessary.

Redundant but necessary.

Ah, March! I am SO done with you. I don’t care if you’re every blogger’s darling for bringing in the spring. You are the devil and you need to die.




OOTD :: of cayenne and celosia orange





I don’t care what my husband says; teachers need Spring Break.

Oh, I’m not gonna bore you with reasons and justifications – every profession has its lows and pitfalls. Let’s just say that by the time March rolls around, the honeymoon period has long passed and familiarity breeds contempt and all that, so both the students and I need a hiatus from each other.

Not even a cute outfit can save me from my general malaise, and this outfit is pretty darned cute. The tee is courtesy of the same eBay seller I got this from, and it’s the exact same size and the exact same fabric. So I really don’t know why I look puffier. (Wait, I know. Never mind…)

Anyhow, I’m really obsessing over these art print shirts. This one is another Van Gogh – didn’t know he even did Asian paintings – and I’m thinking of grabbing a Monet or Starry Night. Thoughts?

(I know, I know. I’m not supposed to shop indiscriminately. But if I’m already certain of the quality and I feel happy in them, shouldn’t I grab some more while the grabbing’s good? OMGosh – I am a hoarder! I really need to commit to a shopping plan, don’t I?)

Okay, back to the outfit…

The red/orange combo was quite surprising. I knew they were analogous on the color wheel but I’d not had the opportunity to play with them as such, far preferring complementary color pairings. I must admit that it’s pleasing to the eye. I also like how the statement necklace plays on the nature motif – doesn’t it look vaguely floral to you? – and the wedges do a lot to elongate my leg.

So, yeah. Cute outfit. Dare I say, fancy? I still feel meh, though. Perhaps I should just plan for a mental health day, call it in, then luxuriate in a pedi/massage experience.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – eBay
  Skinnies – F21
Wedges – Dolce Vita
Necklace – eBay

:: Linking ::
Fancy Friday @ Substance AND Style

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