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When I won my $75 gift voucher to Zappos (the final prize from the very generous 40+ Style Challenge contest), I immediately thought to purchase my Union Jack Doc Martens. Several of my blogger colleagues had talked about their own jonesing for Docs and being the style lemming that I am, I jumped on the bandwagon and started jonesing too.

To be fair I’d been in the market for a new pair of Docs anyway since my one lone pair were decades old (since high school even!) and not really recognizable since they’re shoes and not boots. As a woman of means, I figure I was about due for a decent pair of Doc boots. And if a gift voucher subsidizes it, then so much the better!

So I ordered them and paid that price and waited impatiently and tore open the packaging when it got here and pulled them on happily.

And winced.

The leather wasn’t soft and supple – felt more like synthetic plastic. The height of the shaft cut me at the fattest part of my leg. The size 7s I got pinched at the toe but wore loosely on the heel. It was a mess.So with a heavy heart, I returned the boots, consoling myself that I at least had a voucher to use when fancy strikes me.

That same week, I decided to clean out my shoe closet (and create MCC Boutique in the process) and finally listened to my protesting feet by surrendering for sale my one and only pair of classic black pumps. I’d had them stretched by my cobbler but they still killed my poor tootsies and I knew they were a lost cause.

Enter the $75 gift voucher from Zappos. Using their very powerful search engine, I found this pair of Type Z pumps that fit the replacement bill: high enough to be stylish, with a platform to mitigate the height, in a classic kid leather fabric, and a toe that was neither too orthopedic nor too squish-my-bunion pointy. I crossed my fingers and hoped against hope that they’d work.

And wouldn’t you know – second time lucky! I love these heels! They make me feel sexy and sultry and yet they defy all reason by being comfortable stilettos. How’s that for an oxymoron? They’re the perfect thing for Free For All week Friday; after all, what else is fancier than coated black skinnies, a fun printed top (Van Gogh, anyone?) and a pair of sky-high heels. For free!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – eBay
  Jacket – H&M
Pants – Karmaloop
Pumps – Type Z

:: Linking ::
Fancy Friday @ Substance AND Style

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22 thoughts on “OOTD :: of Van Gogh and comfy stilettos

  1. […] Today, for the first day with kids, I’m re-wearing this very teacher-like ensemble but because we FINALLY GOT CARPET in our classrooms, I’m remixing it with these heels. […]

  2. […] general malaise, and this outfit is pretty darned cute. The tee is from the same eBay seller I got this from, and it’s the exact same size and the exact same fabric. So I really don’t know […]

  3. […] discards? Black ankle booties, silver pointed toe flats, cobalt pumps, and my new black stilettos. But all these choices left me feeling stumpy, frumpy, matchy-matchy, and vampy, respectively. The […]

  4. Lorelei Ortega says:

    You looked great today…tough and sexy at the same time!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Why, thank you, BFF! Of course, only you and a select few know what I *really* wore today. Forgot to take into account the conference thing and had to make wardrobe adjustments, right?

  5. Holy cow! Those pumps are killer!!! And even better with the gift voucher. The whole look rocks. I’m in love with the VanGogh tee.

    • mtsedwards says:

      I know, right? And the quality is pretty good too considering it was an eBay purchase. Am tempted to grab a couple more “art print” shirts from the seller – perhaps a Klimt or Renoir next?

  6. Like Anne, I am trusting you re: comfort and stilettos! They look totally hot, for certain. xo

  7. Oooh, cute shoes! I’m glad things worked out with the gift card. I went to Payless and bought one pair of heels. I still have to try walking around in them at home, but I’m optimistic that they will work. Thanks!! I still feel the challenge of choosing between size 6 and size 5.5.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, did you get a pair of ComfortPlus heels? Which ones? Are you gonna feature them some time soon? Tell all! I hope I didn’t steer you wrong.

      • I did! I bought them in gold…a neutral for me, LOL. I’m just not sure if I should exchange them for a 5.5. Jan has been coaching me, and she advises that shoes do stretch. Do you find that this brand stretches?

        • mtsedwards says:

          Ooooh! I was gonna buy that color too! But sadly, they sold out in my size. I feel the suede ones are better out of the box than the patent leather ones but I believe the gold are neither. Hrmmm…if they’re anything like my silver ones – kinda like a fabric/elastic? – then yes, they will stretch a bit.

          • I didn’t see any sued like ones at all. The gold ones are like a patent leather shoe…shiny and hard. I think I’m going to buy a 5.5 and try them out before I commit to either the 6 or 5.5. Whew! It’s tiring, this shopping thing.

            • mtsedwards says:

              Well, I just found out from my friendly neighborhood Payless salesclerk – yes, that’s how often I go there that they know me – that you have 90 days to return shoes as long as oyu have the receipt, regardless of whether or not they’ve been worn. I just picked up a pair of the black and white striped peep toe pumps myself and was waffling between a 7.5 and a 7.5W. I grabbed the 7.5 and will wear these soonish and if they don’t work, I’m making good use of that return policy.

  8. dapperdolly says:

    You certainly look sleek and sultry – good thing you’re not teaching an university or the students may not be able to stay focused 😉

    You know I was never a fan of Van Gogh but I’d never really appreciated the difficulty of his type of medium, having only dabbled with oils and acrylics. Then when I was mid-20’s I watched a documentary and saw an exhibition and was converted. It’s one of those things like being uninspired by the Mona Lisa and thinking the on show didn’t look real when I saw it – perhaps to do with the swarms of people just dying to see it and to be able to say they saw it. But there feel feeling in Gogh’s work, every emotion is in the strokes and you can tell he painted a piece everyday with the development of his themes and education on complimentary colour. Anyway – nice top lol and I love it with the jazzy baubles 🙂

    Linking up posts now 🙂

    • mtsedwards says:

      I think I’m of that age now that my students no longer consider me in that way. I used to have a few kids come back to me after they’d graduated and admit that they’d had a crush on me – flattering in a creepy way, of course – but I’m getting less and less of that now.

      I think I’d been more a Renoir fan because I was more drawn to the hazy pastels – lovely to look at; impossible for me to wear – but after having seen the Doctor Who episode on Van Gogh, I was immediately and irrevocably smitten.

  9. LOVE the look, especially with the leather moto jacket! Were you already a Van Gogh fan, or did the Doctor convert you? 😉

  10. Anne the SpyGirl says:

    Cannot imagine stilettos and comfort in the same sentence. I’m not a heels person, so I’ll just have to trust you! The less expensive Docs are no longer made in the UK, they’ve gone to Asia to keep the prices lower — this may be why the quality was sub-par.
    I spy some green in that outfit! The gold baubles look like stars — nice!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ooooh, I didn’t even think of the green until you pointed it out. Should I link this outfit too? ;p

      So do I have to purchase directly from the UK for quality Docs?!

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