OOTD :: of cocoon cardis and all things swank




Hullo, Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for providing safe haven for my rather over-the-top pattern mixed interpretation of the lace dress.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Neiman Marcus for Target
Cardi – francesca’s
Skirt – F21
Pumps – Mossimo @ Target

:: Linking ::
WIWW @ The Pleated Poppy

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20 thoughts on “OOTD :: of cocoon cardis and all things swank

  1. dapperdolly says:

    There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said about this outfit – fabulous 🙂

    • mtsedwards says:

      A keeper, then! I should start notating these so I can do a collective at the end of the year the way I’ve seen some bloggers do.

  2. AAAAAHHHH THIS OUTFIT IS SO COOL. Normally I would raise an eyebrow at a long cardigan worn with a short dress, but since they’re the same length here it just looks so freakin’ awesome. You rock, ma’am.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Tee hee! Thanks for stopping by, Alex! I’m gonna tell my hubs that you say I rock; he tends to believe I only rock by association, being married to him and all. ;p

      Btw, I’m planning an entire week’s worth of outfits around your Pantone celebration next week. Hope it’s okay to link all of them.

  3. jangrahammcmillen says:

    Ooooh. So pretty! I LOVE this combination. I just keep looking at it because it is beeeee-you-tiful.
    You should wear this for the rest of your life. If it were mine, I’d be buried in it.
    I never think of mixing laces as patterns. Clever, clever girl.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ah, was that a bit of the Doctor you just threw my way?! Love and huggles!

      “Buried in it”? Perhaps, but I’ve already told my family I want to be cremated and if this outfit is that amazing, it should find itself a good home. Too wasteful to cremate it with me. ;p

      And to think this, of all this week’s outfits, was the one that gave me the most trouble photo-wise. I can tell from the grimace/smile in most of the shots. Had I had this much positive feedback, I’d have mugged more for the camera.

  4. Val S says:

    Wow, I thought that was a dress – the top and skirt work so well together! Topping it with that cardi is a great idea – very interesting, sort of retro, pretty, mysterious, cocoon, texture salad. So may adjectives, so little time!

    And yes, you may go buy some mint shoes.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ooooh! I love how it seems all my separates are conspiring to work together as single units! Shopping my closet indeed! Thanks for adding to my adjective bank. LOL! Now I’m off to find some retro mint shoes…

  5. Natalia says:

    I love your layers! It all looks just amazing together, very fun and sophisticated!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, that makes me happy! It’s always so gratifying when an experiment bears successful fruit. ;p Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Anne does have the best words (and pictures)! That’s a fab cocoon. xo

  7. I love this! The cohesive color palette and minimal accessories keep it from being too busy. I’m really impressed by how well the 3 different lace pieces work together. 🙂

    • mtsedwards says:

      I’m impressed too. The underlayer to the tank is actually cream while the background of the skirt is blush. One is warm and the other is cool and I know combining “temperatures” tends to create clash, but I think the matching saturations – or lack thereof – of both items helped mitigate that.

  8. Connie Snow* says:

    Wait a second. Newman Marcus for Target? I must have gotten lost in the dog food aisle because I did not notice this! Great mix of patterns and textures. Swank indeed!

    • mtsedwards says:

      It was a holiday special in 2012 and was so underwhelming and overpriced that it passed through almost apologetically and disappeared as apologetically. The top was initially $50 and by January of the following year, I was able to snag it for $19. Still pricey for a tank top, but the lace detailing is so beautiful and unique, n’est-ce pas?

  9. Anne the SpyGirl says:

    Now THAT is a “Texture Salad”! I’ll have a second helping, please!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Mwahahaha! First griege and now texture salad! My dear Anne – I want to take fashion courses from you if only to develop such a colorful lexicon. 😀

      • Anne the SpyGirl says:

        I have the teaching gene, I cannot lie. I haven’t had students to boss around since last summer and I kind of miss them! (And won’t be teaching again until next Fall because of the road trip).
        Texture Salad was one of my 52 Pick-me-up challenges (nice stab at the 30s, btw! Thanks for linking!). I modified it from the phrase “Trend Salad” that I swiped from the mean girls at GOMI. “Trend Salad” is wearing all the trendy Things at one time.
        More on greige, because it’s a great word, right?
        From Merriam-Webster via The Google
        Definition of GREIGE: being in an unbleached undyed state as taken from a loom —used of textiles
        Origin of GREIGE: French grège raw (of silk), from Italian greggio
        First Known Use: 1926
        AKA Grey goods.

        • mtsedwards says:

          Ha! I knew it sounded French! Thanks for the etymology! I love stuff like that. Keep ’em coming! As a teacher, I rarely have the opportunity anymore to actively learn in the traditional sense (lecture/audience, master/apprentice I mean). :p

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