OOTD :: of bohemian bombast and killer kimonos




I was gonna pass yet again on Anne’s challenge this week. After all, it was a doozy – wear something back to front – and I don’t think my principal would extend her tolerance that far for my personal theme weeks. Distraction to the kids and all.

So I decided to go old school and come up with my own topic. I’d been meaning to showcase the modest collection of kimonos I’ve amassed over the years (Oh, who am I kidding? I Mad Hunted them for a week in February and bought the majority of them in one fell swoop), and now is as good a time as any.

I present to you then, my friends, Killer Kimonos.

Of course, once I’d decided on this, I came to the realization that my styling knowledge of kimonos was sadly limited to white tees and jeans. If I was to make this week work from an editorial standpoint, I needed to turn to the masters. Lucky for me – ahem! Pun intended! – Kim France and Andrea Linett had just the thing. I’ve referenced this book intensively before, but if it ain’t broke, right? And besides, there were a few more iconic styles I’d not explored so here we go…

Today is my take on bohemian. It’s evident in the color palette of the kimono and skirt, but not so evident in the deep scoop neck of the top (reminiscent of peasant blouses, that item so synonymous with bohemian). In my mind, bohemian also speaks to that current style fan fave – festival (Oh, Coachella! Why didn’t I know you in my 20s?) – which the skirt’s perforation detail addresses nicely. Loving to thwart convention, however, I threw on a pair of cowboy boots at the last minute for a bit of style juxtaposition.

This is not my usual cup of tea, and like my previous attempt at flowy and fancy free, I don’t think I’ll be revisiting this particular outfit any time soon. I do enjoy the pieces individually, though, so don’t be surprised if they make a guest appearance in future ensembles.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Ross
Skirt – F21
Kimono – F21
Boots – Ariat

:: Linking ::
Visible Monday @ Not Dead Yet

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8 thoughts on “OOTD :: of bohemian bombast and killer kimonos

  1. jangrahammcmillen says:

    Ride ‘um, Kimono Cowgirl! Fusion at it’s most culturally interesting! Big woot-woots on this one. Very Coachella. Really, I like it!
    Gotta git my dogies over to your awards post and thank-you-ma’am for thinking of me!
    (Sorry I’m so late … oddly busy week!)

    • mtsedwards says:

      Always better late than never with you, dear Jan! I always assume, after the day is done, that my posts go the way of the dodo, never to be revisited again. So comments on past posts are always a bonus/wonderful surprise. 😀

  2. I too, have developed a serious kimono problem. I bought five within a week last month! Ha! Love how you styled your with the skirt.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Then you should stick around for the rest of the week and tell me which look is your favorite. And, of course, I’d love to see how you style yours. 🙂

  3. jenortega says:

    I really love the color combination here!

  4. Anne and I (yes! we met!) were just talking you up last night – what cool style you have as well as your writing skillz. You have fans, my friend! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

    • mtsedwards says:

      No way! I think I’m the only one left who has yet to meet Anne! (Yes, I’m whining!) But thank you for the kind words. I always feel so gratified when people recognize my writing because that is my forte after all. 🙂

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