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When I saw Caitlin’s linkup topic and ran through my collection of kimonos in my mind, I thought I’d have a hard time coming up with an appropriate ensemble. All my kimonos live either in the neutral or the normal territory of color, with nary a bright or pastel in sight.

Or so I thought.

I’d forgotten entirely that I had one more piece coming in the mail – silly British post! – but wouldn’t you know? It arrived this week, and I scrapped today’s original outfit (black kimono, black skinnies, white tank, moto boots) in favor of what you see now. It actually all worked out in the end because it’s been a wretched 90+ degrees here in good ol’ SoCal, and a black ensemble – no matter how rock and roll cool – would have made me one miserable Minnie.

So I welcome spring – or is it summer?! – with this light, airy getup and I’m the happier for it.

But M, you might protest, where is the bright? All I see is pastel! Au contraire, mes amis! Take a closer gander at that there kimono. Click on the detail pic several times to get the true close up.

Go on. I’ll wait.

See it? That superblinding neon green that’s used quite liberally to highlight and/or outline the tropical print?

Yep. Bright.

And see the embroidery on the tank top that mimics this green perfectly?


I tell you – I’m not making this stuff up. I may be 42 in a month but I’m not blind. Yet.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Old Navy
Kimono – Boohoo
Capris – Kohl’s
Pumps – Call It Spring

:: Linking ::
Remix Rewear Restyle @ Greater than Rubies
Fancy Friday @ Substance AND Style

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10 thoughts on “OOTD :: of pastels and brights and everything nice

  1. Val S says:

    You’ve got me wanting some kimonos of my own! And I also want to see your black kimono outfit one day.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Absolutely! It’s waiting in the wings as we speak…

      And yes, you must get at least one. I find it elevates any outfit; even wore one with a tee and cut off shorts to the market today and felt all swag. ;p

  2. dapperdolly says:

    Lol I would hope you’re not blind whilst wearing your glasses 😀 I too think the embroidery matches the lighter Green bits on your kimono but my eyes are knackered so I wouldn’t say for sure 😐

    Speaking of which love the kimono(!) and the whole damned outfit is so uplifting and bright it’s like sprinkles on ice cream! Fab 🙂

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, no! Don’t tell me you need glasses too? Or just tired? Knackered eyes means no reading for me and since I plan to do loads of reading during my break I hope the condition isn’t catching. ;p

      Thought you’d like this bit of fluff for Fancy Friday. 🙂

      • dapperdolly says:

        Lol no I don’t need glasses, just tired. I remember mum had brilliant eyesight at my age, that said she’s almost 50 now.

        I could do with some superhuman powers of vision though, especially the ability to see through illusions 😉

  3. Very pretty, and perfect for Caitlin’s link up! Don’t you hate when the weather seems to skip right over Spring?

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, good. So it’s not just SoCal? I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in a place that has definable seasons…

      • Everyone talks about how much they love NC because it has 4 seasons, but the only consistent thing about our weather is it’s inconsistency. We’re in the 80s now, it’s going to be in the 50s next week. I’d love a solid month of 65.

        • mtsedwards says:

          Oooh! Me, too! 65 is the ideal temp for me. Cold enough to warrant layers but warm enough to not be miserable. Throw in some light showers and you’re in like Flynn. Maybe we ought to move to Oregon. ;p

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