5 Things :: what I plan to do for Spring Break

And with no further ado, since my subject line is pretty gosh-darned self-explanatory…

1. SLEEP – A lot. Like, 9-10 hours of glorious, continuous shut-eye. Then maybe some naps in between.

2. SHERLOCK – Of course, I’ve been there since Series 1, but these blasted Brits love them the long hiatus. And with only 3 episodes per series, it’s difficult to keep the story straight. So I plan to marathon all three series. Imagine – 9 Benedict/Martin episodes totaling 13.5 blissful hours!

3. LIBRARY BOOKS – All 25 of them. Then when I’m done with those, I’ll go back to the library and pick up the 10 I currently have on hold. Ah, YA fiction! How you spoil me.

4. THOUGHTFUL THIRD THURSDAYSo with all these books I’ve been devouring, I’ll have many choices for this week’s T3 offering. Of course, the ones I’ve indulged in lean heavily in either contemporary coming-of-age and dystopia territory, and I dunno how well those two genres will translate into editorial outfits. But the beauty of Spring Break is that I have the liberty to play with outlandish looks.

5. RUN – I need to get back on the workout bandwagon. I’m feeling a bit fluffy, if you know what I mean. And since the weather is turning and this means less layers under which to hide, I definitely need some ladyscaping. Plus, I miss the feeling of power and strength after a good, solid session on ye ol’ treadmill.

Oh, and somewhere in there, I have to do Easter Bunny duty and start plotting the scavenger hunt. Yes, you heard correctly. Scavenger hunt. I may not believe in this pagan mumbo jumbo, but if it’s forced upon me by my other half and his family, then by gosh, I’m gonna make it educational at least!



Week in review – all hail the killer kimono!


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13 thoughts on “5 Things :: what I plan to do for Spring Break

  1. jenortega says:

    Love this week’s collage. Ladyscaping…heehee!

  2. Sounds like a very good plan.

  3. Mmmm, 13+ hours of Sherlock. I could stop right there. Although a scavenger hunt sounds like The Boss, too. xox

  4. love the outfit with the cropped jeans. Happy spring break

  5. Val S says:

    Spring break – ahhhhh! I’ll be working, dammit.

    I don’t know why everyone raves about Benedict Cumberbatch so much when there’s Rupert Graves right there in plain sight!!! I love his salt-and-pepper hair!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Rupert Graves is a looker, I give you that. And I do like what they’ve done with his character as the series progressed. I guess he’s not as dreamy for some because Le Strade is supposed to play buffoon to Sherlock’s genius, and who can really swoon over a buffoon?

  6. Ooh, a Sherlock marathon sounds heavenly! I’m going to convince Bert to do that with me this summer (he loves Sherlock too).
    T3 snuck up on me this month! I’ve been reading Poirot short stories, which don’t seem to inspire outfits (well, I suppose I could do a 1920s look, but I’m not in the mood). So, last night I started a re-read of Sunshine by Robin McKinley. Vampires are very inspirational. 😉

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, trust me – T3 snuck up on me too. I’m thinking maybe we ought to change/loosen up the requirements so we’re both not in a bind? Or d’you think the parameters keep us fresh and inventive?

      Never read Sunshine. Will keep it in mind for my next round of library books. Am currently planning on working through Patterson’s Maximum Ride series at my students’ recommendation.

      • Trust me, if I’d read anything outfit inspiring since THG, I would use it, even if it was a few weeks old. Most of what I’ve read since THG has been 3 star stuff – good, worth reading, but not inspirational.
        Sunshine is not standard McKinley. Granted, it is a take on Beauty and the Beast, but very different than her usual. Most of the negative reviews I’ve seen of it are complaints that it’s a stand alone book. It seems many people don’t appreciate world-building that doesn’t lead to a sequel / series. Whatever. Well defined characters and world-building are what I LOVE, and this has both, in abundance.

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