WIT :: of 10 random thoughts

Holidays bedevil blogging.

I know tomorrow is Easter and I’m expected planning to do something thematic for it and that’s all well and good but doing so throws my schedule off kilter. However, as Nietzsche once said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger,” so today, I forge on and give you a series of randomosity as well as the Week in Review pic because I’m reserving the big guns for tomorrow.

1. This month, it seems a handful of people had a bit of a struggle with the T3 linkup. Well, perhaps I’m being hyper sensitive or overly solicitous. I do so like to please people and want them to feel comfortable and engaged (it’s the teacher in me). And maybe it’s just me, projecting my issues onto others. So perhaps I should just leave well enough alone and offer the linkup as is and allow folks to interpret/join in as they see fit.

2. Dirty hair photographs so much nicer and easier than clean hair.

3. I complain ad nauseam about the Fontana winds but they actually provide that je ne sais quoi element that livens up my photo shoots. Without it, my poses feel flat and contrived, as this upcoming week’s pics will sadly attest.

4. Sometimes procrastination reaps its own rewards. Remind me not to try to take photos in the morning. The light is awful and there’s no shade except for the front porch and posing on my front porch for all the world to see makes for a very awkward hour.

5. Getting on the treadmill after a good meal is a terrific way of preventing that fluffy feeling.

6. Mad Hunting for floral maxi dresses this week resulted in the purchase of 8 dresses, none of which sported a floral print at all. Thankfully, I only kept two.

7. Thank you, Etiwanda Unified School District, for re-instituting the bus program; it makes picking up my kids from school that much easier since I have to deal with far less traffic.

8. Skirt hangers may just be the devil in disguise: on one hand, it’s freed up tons of space in my closet. On the other hand, it’s freed up tons of space in my closet. Uh-oh…

9. When you marathon Sherlock, you run the risk of banging your head repeatedly at the end of it all, bemoaning loudly the unfairness of the universe. Why are there 38 episodes of Honey Boo Boo but only 9 episodes of Sherlock?! Oh, the humanity!

10. When you marathon Suits, you run the risk of spotting tropes that, taken individually are highly dramatic, but seen back to back become sheer comedy. Do lawyers really toss that many manila folders and binder-clipped papers at each other like white collar frisbee players?


Week in review – A contemporary 40s retrospective

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14 thoughts on “WIT :: of 10 random thoughts

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  2. dapperdolly says:

    Hyper sensitive or overly solicitous? Nah, you were fine with my entry being a tad late and neither you or Selah even acknowledged it lol though Selah didn’ acknowledge it last time either. I linked up to you both as usual and your Blue wee widget. Dinnae really matta ta me though but since it’s in your thoughts I figured I’d mention it especially as a linkup host too.
    Plus I try to keep up and comment regularly on your blog, though can’t manage as much as before but you don’t stop by mine anymore except on FF, though not yesterday. Again wouldn’t have mentioned it, wouldn’t have thought about it much either had I not read this – so don’t worry so much about it lol.

    What’s going on with your taking it easy on the shopping, extremely thorough plan?

    You know what, so many of us wished they had school buses here though some private schools do.

    I still have not watched Sherlock – REALLY hear great things about it and it sounds like an interesting take on it so I have to watch some clips on youtube first methinks. I like twists on the original since I grew tired of it after being a big fan to start.

    • Wow, I literally JUST commented on both your March and April T3s. I missed the March one since it wasn’t officially linked up. I was very busy yesterday, so didn’t get a chance to read / comment on the April T3 until today. I certainly wasn’t trying to snub you.

      • dapperdolly says:

        Yeah, good timing. 🙂

        As I’ve just replied to you on my posts – I linked up with my last post The King in Yellow/The Yellow Sign too directly to your T3 page and it went through correctly as I checked the pingback on it once I posted, though I was too late to add to the little Blue frog additionally.

        Also I thank you for liking the backgrounds in the latest one and the pics in general on the second one since as I mentioned now that your comment on my first post (To Kill A mockingbird) was a bit strange/maybe distracted since it didn’t pertain to your challenge part of the post at all but all your others replies to other participants did when I went through and commented on the other’s posts too. So I do feel that I’ve made progress 🙂

        Overall it doesn’t matter though as if it were a falling out 🙂 – like I said above I didn’t mention anything these months and didn’t really think about it, it’s just that it’s come up now as a thought/reply to Maricel’s own worries.

        Cheers 🙂

    • mtsedwards says:

      Wow. Okay, maybe I needed to be a little clearer: some people had said they hadn’t read anything worth being inspired sartorially this month and I knew how that felt – been doing a lot of light fantasy brain candy reading that wasn’t lending themselves to outfits. So I thought to emphasize/reiterate the fact that it needn’t be a book in order to participate in the linkup.

      Then I thought some people don’t like to read at all so perhaps we ought to revamp the entire premise of T3 overall. But if not reading, then what? And since this was a joint venture with Selah and she’s a Bibliophile’s Style, creating a linkup without books and reading seemed rather silly. So I said to leave well enough alone and people would join when and if they could.

      I never thought of it as being snubbed or overlooked. I apologize if the words came out that way. I also officially and publicly apologize to you and to others who have not been getting comments from me recently. More often than not, I read people’s posts in the morning before work and have only enough time to read, not comment. And because I really do believe in leaving thoughtful, relevant comments or none at all, it usually ends up being the latter because the day takes a hold of me and things get lost in the shuffle.

      Dolly, your posts, specifically, are often very challenging to respond to because they’re very erudite and deep and referential to things I’m unfamiliar with. So rather than looking like a bumbling ignoramus or a shallow one-liner, I simply refrain from commenting. But rest assured that every single one of your posts that comes into my inbox has been read and pondered.

      • dapperdolly says:

        It’s nice to know why you were so worried – I put my two cents worth in to tell you not to worry, I know things get done eventually :-).

        I was surprised because when I visited again today I saw you’d caught up with all the comments on your FF, posted anew and replied here already too so it was unusual to not see your comment on my FF or the T3.

        In general when I visit and comment on your posts I quickly scan other peoples posts to see if I’m thinking/saying the same thing so that I can concur or add to anything without posting as if I’m the first one to mention something. It’s in that skimming that I notice your ongoing conversations with blogger friends, so it appears/ed that you’d been keeping up with your regular posters here but hadn’t looked at my blog other than for FF in quite some time. Again, wasn’t an issue but went with what I was saying as an extended thought. I do admire how you manage to keep up with your blog consistently even though it can be hard to.


    • mtsedwards says:

      P.S. I have yet to commit to a shopping plan, but I’m leaning toward a hybrid of the budget/three things plan. Will update everyone once I’ve decided. But I’m exceedingly proud of myself for all the returns I’ve made in the past month. As Intrepid TA mentioned, it’s the thrill of shopping that I love, not necessarily the acquisition of things, so returning is just as satisfying as purchasing. 😀

  3. I wonder if the “problem” with T3 this month was that the 3rd Thursday was earlier in the month? If so, watch out because the 3rd Thursday in May is the 15th! I’m going to schedule a reminder post a week in advance. Don’t stress too much – we still had 7 participants total!
    I’m guessing Audrey’s Easter dress post started your floral maxi Mad Hunt?
    Maybe Sherlock is so good BECAUSE there aren’t many episodes? They can put all their best efforts into 3 episodes per season instead of spreading them out. I’m going to get my Martin Freeman fix by watching the new Fargo series on FX. 🙂

    • mtsedwards says:

      Huh. I never thought of it that way. I guess saying “3rd Tuesday” always felt like it should fall around the same time but you’re right. We’ll see what next month brings, eh?

      Yes, Audrey’s Easter dress post was the catalyst. Curse her! LOL.

      True that. And I do like the British telly way of only creating a finite amount of episodes and knowing when to quit while they’re ahead (Doctor Who excluded, of course) because it makes it easier for newbies to hop on the bandwagon and join in the fun.

      Fargo on FX? With Martin Freeman?! Must investigate…

      • Yep. They’re calling it a limited series (10 episodes – maybe they’re learning from the Brits!). Tuesdays at 10pm (not sure it’s at 10:00 in all time zones). It premiered this past Tuesday, but the first episode is on VOD (at least on Direct TV). We haven’t watched the premiere yet, but the cast is amazing, so I have high hopes!

  4. Val S says:

    Haha, fun wrap-up! I’ve never seen Suits, but I’m laughing at the white collar frisbee player idea. And I think a marathon of Sherlock would give me a headache. Honey Boo Boo has no place in my house – I don’t have cable, and wouldn’t watch it if I did.

    You’re right, the wind adds a nice dramatic element, especially with your kimonos and skirts. And dirty hair.

    Can’t wait to see your Easter surprise!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, I hope I didn’t come across as actually WATCHING Honey Boo Boo?! I swear, I’ve never even seen an episode. I just know its premise, took it as an example of a pretty egregious show and Wiki-ed it to see how many have been made. If people spent more time consuming quality tv instead of reality tv, the world would be a happier place.

      Don’t expect too much of my Easter surprise.It’s just my being lazy, is all. ;p

    • mtsedwards says:

      P.S. Suits is amazing!!! You must try at least one, especially if you love witty banter, lightning-quick repartee, and a bad boy who always wins.

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