5 Things :: Easter Bunny Scavenger Hunt

So remember when I mentioned an Easter Bunny scavenger hunt? Well, with the help of Intrepid TA #1 and the lovely 10th grade math teacher (who I carpool with and therefore pressed into service last week), the Easter Bunny managed to up the ante this year. Feel free to use and abuse for your bunny pleasure next year. You may have to tweak some clues to fit your fell purposes (and the rooms in your house).

The Letter

Dear Dylan and Aly,

Hoppy, hoppy Easter! Another year has come and gone and I’m back with our traditional scavenger hunt. If I recall correctly, someone requested harder clues and a more challenging game. I am only too happy to oblige.

Here are this year’s instructions: Solve the math problem. Make sure it’s correct. This NUMBER will be the KEY to the clues I’ve left behind. Every LETTER will COUNT to help you figure out the puzzle. Once you’ve SPELLED it all out, check the drawers.

And that’s it. I hope you’re both ready for some mind-scrambling fun. Here’s the first clue:

1. Math problem: How many numbers after the decimal point can you find the thousandths place?
Ask yourselves where you can find this egg.
I might be giving you a lot of clues
But the colored eggs are what you’re after
Accept this mission and you will find
A cheerful reminder that I’ve been here.
The clues are leading you to the third drawer with the
Hen’s eggs.

The rest of the clues

2. Math problem: 8 x 3 – 15 = ____
Read the clue.
Try and think
It is all about teamwork
Try and work together
The right answer should
Be found around the house. Figure out this clue and
Perhaps a yellow egg will be hiding there.

3. Math problem: 11 x 2 – 12 = ____
Dylan and Aly, have you been looking
For all the itty-bitty clues I’ve left for
You two? I have more
For you to find, but please know that I’m
Not tricking you; I’m
Just trying to show you the way
To one other thing I forgot to say. I
Love when you madly unscramble these riddles to
Find the loot.
Sincerely, Mr. Easter Bunny

4. Math problem: 7 x 6 + 35 – 76 = ____
For your next clue, I need you to grab your
Ankles, hold for three seconds, then squeak like a
Mouse. Next, run
In place for two seconds. Now
Lie down on the floor and kick up
Your heels. Are you tired yet? Well, the
Room that has the next set
Of eggs is
One where you can rest for a bit and
Maybe catch some Spongebob on TV.

5. Math problem: ___ ÷ 6 = 4
I hope you’re having fun with my new game
You guys are the first ones to try it out.
Now that you’ve been to the family room
Think of all the silly things
I, Easter Bunny, have had you try
To find two tiny oval eggs. I hope
You can find the next couple of eggs
I have hidden around the room.

And because there’s an even dozen in a carton and my kids dye 6 eggs each, here’s a bonus clue just for you even if it does deviate from the 5 Things trope:

6. Math problem: 12 x 4 – 43 = ___
And now the last clue of the day. Are you
Both finally ready to get to the end?
I am afraid you have gotten bored of these clues.
Boogie on down to the last room. These
Antics are probably tiring you out. Scurry on over to that
Drawer to find the rest of the eggs.



4 thoughts on “5 Things :: Easter Bunny Scavenger Hunt

  1. So, did your kids enjoy the scavenger hunt?

    • mtsedwards says:

      Yep. But the Easter Bunny shouldn’t have spent so much time making the clues. Once the kids figured out how to solve it, they didn’t even bother reading; they just figured out the math problem then counted letters. ;p

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