OOTD :: of vivid florals and rinse/repeat




I have loads of love for this skirt. Like, oodles and boodles of love.

I love it so much, I practically stalked KS#2 when I grudgingly loaned it out to her over the summer. I’d keep hounding her about returning it until I think she finally got sick of my nagging and gave it back without having worn it just to shut me up.

I think I fell hard mainly due to the vividness of the print. This is my kind of floral, my friends – super saturated with an evenly distributed palette of primary colors so not one hue dominates the rest. Sadly, the very reasons I love it make this skirt practically persona non grata in my closet. Why? It’s so distinct and memorable that it’s impossible to wear it more than once in a month without causing the novelty junkie in me to writhe in agony.

Lucky for me, the last time I wore this skirt was over a year ago today, so I feel safe throwing it on repeat for your consumption today. Of course, now you have proof that I’m a miserable re-mixer; the completer piece I used in both looks are pretty much the same thing, yeah? And the only reason the accessorizing is any different is because I had to make today’s look yellow-compliant in accordance to Anne’s linkup challenge.

Sigh. Sometimes I feel so derivative of myself. That ever happen to you? And do you feel as stagnant and frustrated about it as I do? Or do you embrace your self-mimicry as evidence of a cohesive sense of style?

If the latter, I’d like to buy me some of that, please.

To add insult to injury, did you know that bubble necklaces are out? Double sigh.

In other, less self-pitying news, in case you missed it yesterday, there’s still time to enter Alex @ Undergraduate Style‘s celebration giveaway! Click on links. You know you want to!


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:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – so old, I don’t remember and the label is gone
Jacket – F21
Skirt – Ross
Pumps – eBay

:: Linking ::
Style Sessions @ Style Elixir

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28 thoughts on “OOTD :: of vivid florals and rinse/repeat

  1. jenortega says:

    Ya know, the “what’s in” and “what’s out” lists have always irritated me. Makes me feel like fashion is ridiculous marketing tool more than anything else (like YA book series). Bummer when I’m finally sold on the idea that intelligent people can still care about their clothing…kinda debases it and makes it seem like we are no more than herd animals. Wear what you want whether it is on everyone else’s must-have list or not. As you know, I am horrified by most new looks, so I’ll never look at you cross-eyed for not following the latest trend (though I can’t promise when you do).

    • mtsedwards says:

      I would hate to be a sheeple so I guess I’m keeping my bubble necklaces as is and flaunting them with pride. Thanks, BFF! I love how you always give me that new perspective on things. It’s our tortare power at play. (Tortare = tortoise + hare) 😀

  2. jangrahammcmillen says:

    Of course we repeat outfits. And of course we want to present interesting remixes on our blogs. The same arbiters of style that abjure us to buy classics but tell us what’s in and out in the next breath are just “chucking nuts,Farley.”

    Hmmm. Self-derivative. Well … yeah. Doesn’t that just prove that you have some very strong elements in your wardrobe that, when combined, work spectacularly well for you so often that they’ve become a style signature? I get a lot weary of my skinnies/heels/blazer/tank outfit-uniform, but I know it works and that it supports quite a lot of latitude in the variety of ways I can work the combination.

    I’m frustrated now with the weather, and that I can’t really wear what I want to yet. I’m also a little freaked that my new hair changes the way all my outfits look so much that I don’t know up from sick’um. I wanted change and I got it!

    Wear the bubble necklace with this outfit. It’s so perfect in color and attitude with this outfit that it transcends it’s trend status. Yes. And you’re cool enough (and I mean this when I say it…) to set a trend, or lend new life to one with your iteration.They may be out to the desperate masses, but only out if you really think they are. (See the first paragraph for further encouagement.) Finally, since style repeat cycles have gone to a couple of years to a couple of seasons, you’ll just be fashion forward.


    • mtsedwards says:

      Yes, the arbiters of style just need to get over themselves and we need to get over ourselves for listening. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery only up to a certain point and then it’s game on to find your own signature style.

      Speaking of signature style, I guess I wouldn’t mind repeating myself if I didn’t have to talk about the outfits. One can only wax rhapsodic over one’s “uniform” in so many ways before the words begin to feel repetitive and banal. I suppose I could take a page out of Lisa @ Respect the Shoes’ book and just talk randomness to go with the pics, but last time I tried that route, I got lambasted.

      “Up from sick’um” is a new idiom for me. Fun! As for your new ‘do – hey, does this mean ALL your outfits are new now too? Hair as accessory is often overlooked, I think, and if you have a new style, then repeating outfits can be a good thing?

      I like the way you think, Jan! And since fashionforward is my signature hashtag over on Instagram, I may as well act it like I own it, right? ;p

      • jangrahammcmillen says:

        Probably should have been “up from sic’um” … I heard my mother say it all her life. Probably some version of other, similar idioms. Quick Google gave me this, from 1993 NYT about a “doesn’t know sic’um :

        My mother loved language and put a high premium on a large vocabulary, correctly used. She was a child of the poverty of dust-bowl Texas, and was the daughter of an wildcatter who worked projects in Oklahoma. She learned to cuss by mimicking the men in the oilfields, but got some of it horribly wrong.

        I once heard her describe a baby trying to walk. The baby lost her balance and fell back on her padded little diaper, as babies do.
        Mother said ” … and she fell right on her twat.” Imagine buggy-eyed local matrons of the 60’s suburbs staring at Mom in shock.
        I told her later that twat didn’t mean what she thought it did.
        She was huffy, and sure she was right. So sure that she declared she’d ask around and get an authoritative definition.
        I never heard another word about it.

        Her grandfather on her mother’s side was an off-the-boat Scot who taught her the early value of reading. One summer when she and her brothers were visiting him, he offered the kids a choice of either picking cotton or reading Gibbon’s complete “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” She spent the summer in a covered tree house, reading and drinking iced tea. The boys picked cotton.

        (TMI, I know, but thanks for reading … those are my favorite Mom stories.)

        • mtsedwards says:

          You and I must be kindred spirits because I’m currently working on posts for Mother’s Day week – I know, I’m a classic overachiever – and we both have Mom on the mind. Thanks for sharing stories. I love getting long posts like these. Reminds me of actual letters I used to pore over, much more preferable over the hasty emails young whippersnappers are prone to using these days.

  3. Since starting the blog, I haven’t exactly duplicated an outfit yet, although I’ve come pretty close. It’s actually been bugging me a bit – this feeling like I “need” to have a different outfit every day is weird to me. I think I’m going to ignore it and just wear what I want. 😛
    The blue and yellow are pretty together!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Don’t succumb! Don’t succumb! I did and I ended up with tons of clothes and matching debt. Be stronger than I was and just wear what you want for sure.

      And of course blue and yellow go well together. ‘Tis the colors of my alma mater. Go CAL Bears!

      • 😀 Thanks for the encouragement! With Summer coming, I’m going to have a lot less remixing options, so there will be repeats, and I’ve decided not to care.
        My school’s colors are “Garnet & Gold” which is a fancy way of saying ketchup & mustard. 😛

        • mtsedwards says:

          I ADORE ketchup and mustard, both to eat and to wear. I mean, c’mon! My Anne sketch has me sporting both colors together quite boldly. I say we should do a school colors theme, eh? Or I’ll tell Anne about it. i hear she’s opening up submission ideas for the next round of 52 Pick-me-ups!

  4. I ❤ this outfit because of its unusual combination of color and floral

  5. yes I feel derivative of myself at times – but I am a good role model : > Love this skirt and its vivid presence. xo

    • mtsedwards says:

      And a totally find at Ross! Funny how that particular discount chain offers items I’ve never seen in other places. It’s commercial thrifting what with all the surprise treasures one can find.

  6. Anne the SpyGirl says:

    Yeah, gotta confess bubble necklaces make me cringe. The Fashun Bloggers did them to death. My advice is, if you see a trendy item suddenly on ALL the popular bloggers, AVOID it. The toy car statement necklace that I saw in Providence would coordinate perfectly with your look. Too bad it cost $50. Sigh. Possible DIY idea though. Refer to Enid’s sketch of 4/22.

    Since I didn’t know you last April, this combo is new to me. LOVE it! Then again, I’m still enthralled by primaries. Joyatri gave me an awesome striped “beach coverup” (long shirt) in basic brights. . If it ever warms up in the northeast, I’ll wear it.
    As far as repeating outfits goes, sometimes you find the perfect combo. It’s just IT.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oooh, I would love to craft a toy car necklace but I think hands-y things are more Val’s purview. I’d just find a way to muck it up. I do think I may be able to play around with my bubble necklaces and repurpose them to look different. Perhaps take off a bubble or five? ;p

      Btw, Enid is doing a fab job in her sketchbook. I’m sorry I’ve not found the time to comment over there but I lurk and appreciate every day she posts.

      • Anne the SpyGirl says:

        Maybe you could GLUE some toys on top of the bubbles? Haha. We could do a crafty meetup. 😉
        Glad you’re enjoying Enid. Some days have been a real stretch to find something fashiony “on the edge”. Tomorrow she’s doing a Throwback Thursday which will reveal some backstory.

    • I gotta agree with Anne – I’ve never been a fan of bubble necklaces.
      But hey, if you like them, wear them!

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