OOTD :: of remixing and recycling




I think I may just be addicted to filters.

I like the way they endow a poorly-lit photo with instant pizazz.

Take my first establishing shot, for instance. On its own, it was a bit bland, a bit vanilla. And the original photo had more of a cool hue to it that prevented the sunniness of the yellow to translate true. But run it through my Picstitch app using the Clyde effect and you’ve got yourself a richer, more interesting picture. Now, it looks like something you’d find as you riffle through a box of half-forgotten memories; it’s got that over-exposed, mid-20th century feel to it.

Oddly, I did the exact same procedure for photos 2 and 3 but ended up scrapping them in favor of what you see here now because that selfsame filter made those pictures look positively horrid. I suppose all’s well that ends well since now, you have both a dramatic opening and a real, nitty-gritty ending. Kinda like a decent indie film, yeah?

But enough about pictures; let’s talk outfit. Full disclosure: this was originally intended for last week’s Dress Like a Tree theme. See Exhibit A and note how the pattern of the skirt was a perfect dupe for that stretch of greenery (or it it yellowery?)

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

But then I found that pic of the giraffe and the tree and I saw that this week would be the yellow week anyway and, well. It was a no-brainer after that. Sadly, even though I’ve not yet run it through its paces until today, I am actually quite tired of this outfit, having worked and reworked it in the virtual world so many times.

At least I can proudly say that this is yet another example of my remixing abilities. A year ago, this skirt had seen its debut and I’m glad it’s got great restlying mojo. I think I’ll be keeping it for a while. And that top? All of $5, baby! Yeah! I’m all about the eco-friendly recycling today, aren’t I? You can teach an old dog new tricks! Next thing you know, I’ll actually wear something twice in a month!

 : Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – eBay
  Cardi – F21
Skirt – H&M
Pumps – Franco Sarto
Necklace – Target

:: Linking ::
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17 thoughts on “OOTD :: of remixing and recycling

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    • I was told I couldn’t wear yellow because of my sallow skin but that was one “fashion rule” I was willing to break because yellow just makes me feel so happy.

  2. That top is so pretty, and you’ve made another fantastic outfit. You should show us your shoes more often. I love pretty shoes – and you have a lot! – even though I almost never wear high heels. Let me live vicariously through you!

    • I used to make the shoes part of my “detail” collage but I felt it was getting too repetitive because, although I do have an Imelda Marcos-esque collection, I find myself grabbing the most comfy pairs over and over again. This pair is actually going away tomorrow because, much as I love the silver scale pattern of it, Franco Sarto shoes just destroy my feet. They were off the minute I got to my classroom from my car and I wore my emergency travel flats all day. Sigh…

  3. I love the yellow and gray you’re wearing today. You really do have a great eye for style. Your teacher friend whom you helped with her wardrobe restyling and who said you should become a stylist? She’s right!

    • That is probably the most gratifying compliment of the day because a) it’s coming from a virtual stranger (Pleased to meet you, Charlene. There. We’re not strangers anymore!) and b) it makes references to previous posts which means you’ve read my stuff instead of simply skimming.

      Now if only enough people felt like you did so I could actually make my living dressing others. 😀

  4. Really lovely, and please remember that we don’t see them every time you wear your looks … not old for us. Very elegant response to the challenge, and the photo you chose makes a pretty glorious idea. Fun always to see the source.
    Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks, but will she retain it? Or apply it?
    That’s what I want to know. Woof.

    • Well, I have been shopping more on eBay than usual, so I think that counts as recycling, yeah? And thanks for the “elegant” comment; that skirt kept riding up on me all day and I was tugging it down so it wouldn’t be too hoochie mama. It looks good when I’m standing still, though, doesn’t it? ;p

    • I do like grey and yellow – it’s a lot more sophisticated – less jarring – than black and yellow. And yes, what did we do before apps? Makes a blogger’s life so much simpler.

    • And to think I was gonna throw that skirt in the cull pile. I’m thinking that I’m pretty saturated with clothes right now and I’m ready to stsrt shopping my closet for real. I’m thinking all my crazy shopping this year was my trying to find myself as “une femme d’un certain âge” and define my style in this new chapter of my life. Here’s hoping I’m done discovering and am ready to settle in and create.

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