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WIT :: cute and comfortable shoes – c’est possible?

original image from StyleSetGo.com

original image from StyleSetGo.com

So the other day, I came to a painful realization – the Forty-plus Decline has begun.

It started making its presence known early on, with a mild case of the White Hair sniffles. Then it got a little more severe with the Eyesight’s-gone-bad virus. And now, I think it’s morphed into a full-blown epidemic because I’ve got the OMG-I’m-the-Little-Mermaid-with-knives-stabbing-my-feet-when-I-walk sickness.

Wearing these heels are what did it. I thought for the longest time that my foot pain was due to the lack of carpet in our classrooms. And since our new principal swears the concrete floor will be replaced this summer, I thought I just had to hang on and wait it out. My stilettos’ appearances were few and far between this year because of this.

But that day! Man, I felt like my feet were on fire. And not in the good Katniss-from-Hunger-Games kinda way either. I was limping by first block, hobbling by second and by third block, I just gave up, yanked them off and slipped into my fuzzy, pink house slippers which I keep in my cupboard for just such emergencies.

I’ve talked about my pains before. So what made this incident the epiphany? I spent the entire day in the computer lab, is why. And the computer lab is carpeted. Which means it’s not the lack of padding that’s putting me in pain; it’s my traitorous body finally yelling “Uncle!” and demanding I treat them right.

But here’s the thing: can I still look stylish and cheeky if I wore sensible shoes? Actually, a better question: will I have the same variety options if I wore sensible shoes? Because I know I can totally rock Chucks and moto boots and flats – all with stylish and cheeky potential, fer shure! – but that limits me to specific styles, doesn’t it? Based on the 5 Fashion Personalities, will I still be able to do Alluring? Or Classic? Or, to some extent, variations of Feminine and Dramatic?

As we’ve discussed before, I am a fashion chameleon. I like mixing things up. I fear that with my imminent descent into sensible shoe hell, I will have to surrender choice and variety for comfort.

First-world problems. I get it. I know. But this is what I’m thinking at the mo’ and I felt in the sharing mood. But now, let’s make it less about me and more about you, my friends.

Feel free to chime in with your advice and opinions. Do you wear sensible shoes? Do you feel limited in scope because of them, or have you simply developed a fashion personality around them? Can sensible shoes be comfortable and cute? Do you have suggestions for where to get them? Am I just batpoop crazy and I need to chillax with this shoe thing?

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 as this discussion continues with more of my musings, 5 pictures and well-deserved shout-out to the lovely Kirsten @ Barking Dog Shoes.