5 Things :: cute and comfortable shoes – c’est possible!

When I started having problems with my feet – to the point that I went to consult a podiatrist about possible bunions! – I stumbled upon Kirsten @ Barking Dog Shoes. She and her site was a valuable source for women in my similar predicament, and I immediately subscribed to her blog so I’d get updates of her shoe reviews.

But then, my podiatrist informed me that I wasn’t a bunionectomy candidate – far from it, in fact; I just had wide feet – and I latched onto this placebo pronouncement like a drowning diva clutching her favorite Ferragamos. I convinced myself that pain was relative, continued to shove my protesting tootsies into 6 inches of hell, and justified my potentially disastrous choice with this bit of info, the results of which told me I could handle 5-6 inches of height anyway. I also started deleting Kirsten’s posts without reading them, thinking them irrelevant anymore.

And then I turned 40. I found myself drawn to newer silhouettes that didn’t require sky-high heels. I began what is now a pretty extensive oxford shoe collection. I vowed to buy Chucks in all the colors of the rainbow so I’d have more choices. My foldable travel flats became my best friends. And I started to pay closer attention once again to Kirsten’s reviews.

What troubled me, however, is the lack of cuteness and variety in these sensible shoes. They all looked a bit granola or orthopedic to me (and I use these terms objectively as those utilized by the general public and not as a slur to the manufacturers, designers or consumers of said shoes. Hey, I went to UCBerkely; I used to own Birkenstocks!)

I also worried about how much these shoes were running, even the sandals! Seems the price of comfort starts at the triple-digit mark. After last week’s pain-riddled realization, though, I may just be willing to fork over some serious moolah and consider footwear as investments from now on rather than disposable accessories.

I present to you, then, my 5 most probable options from Kirsten’s most recent reviews. I say “most probable options” because these are shoes I’d be willing to own based on looks, if not price points. This doesn’t mean I’m gonna; just means I’m thinking on it. But kudos to Kirsten for doing all the legwork for me. She even provides multiple shopping links for the anti-brick-and-mortar shopping like me.

1. Antelope #723 Slingback Sandal – Loving the studs on these; gives them more of an edge and is reminiscent of my Carlos Santana wedges.


2. Clark’s Caslynn Lizzie – I might just be seduced by the color? Or is it really as cute as I think?


3. OTBT Gearheart – This is the most “granola” of the bunch, but I think the laser-cut perforations make it more festival flair rather than hippie ho-hum.



4. Khrio Gabby – I’m intrigued by the heel and the stitching on the vamp. And don’t you think that color is to die for?

khrio5. Hotter Donna (the linked review is for the loafer, but I think it might be pertinent to the Donna as well since it’s by the same manufacturer) – This is less a sandal and more a shoe, of course, but I had to include it because of my current obsession with vintage-y looks.

donnaWhat do all these have in common? They’re all super expensive. Insert shudder here. One pair would equal an entire outfit and a half for me. But the thought of painless walking is so tempting…

What say you, my friends? Would you take the plunge? Shoes as investments over shoes as accessories? Or is there a middle ground?

Week in review - Ran this through a yellow filter; how fitting!

Week in review – Ran this through a yellow filter; how fitting!


Oh, yeah! And before I have to surrender my Geek card for not remembering…


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23 thoughts on “5 Things :: cute and comfortable shoes – c’est possible!

  1. jangrahammcmillen says:

    I’m with Sue on these, with less consideration for the feelings of others.
    Ewww. Especially at that price. I’ll never be old enough to wear these. I’ll go straight to fuzzy slippers and call it a day. I MIGHT wear the blue ones, but with a costume of some sort, perhaps. Good thing that I can’t afford them, huh?

    • mtsedwards says:

      LOL! Oh,Jan! You shoe snob, you!

      /giggles good-naturedly

      You know I’m right there with ya, right? As if I’d willingly give up my heels without a fight. Maybe I just need to rotate different heel heights during the course of a week. And cork liners…

  2. Marsha Banks says:

    I use Zappos as a resource…reviews and ideas about fit. I usually buy from onlineshoes.com because they almost always have %age off. Shoes.com also does.

    I have these in the luggage (I think that’s the color) and the teal. http://www.onlineshoes.com/womens-cobb-hill-aubrey-t-strap-tan-p_id326051

    But, you’re right about price points on comfy shoes…I am ok with spending big bucks on shoes or sandals I know I will wear over and over again.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, brilliant! I love the teal ones! And at $99, it’s still under triple digits, right? Also, thanks for the new online shoe store. I’d not heard of these folk but they sound very similar to Zappos. I love me some free shipping action!

      • Marsha Banks says:

        The teal is a nice faded look! They’re also at Nordstrom, but no discounts! Onlineshoes is great with returns, too…a must with shoes! I love the yellow shoes above, but yikes! Those really are in the triple digits! I think of $99.95 as triple digit; I forgot it goes higher!

  3. jenortega says:

    I’m a yes on shoes as an investment, and a no on said shoes if you don’t adore them. I was surprised by these choices, but then again, you can rock most anything. I don’t think you look stumpy in flats; your athletic calves have never seemed thick… In any case, I think we need to be making more DSW runs. Of course, I say this as I am mad scrambling to save for summer…maybe just to look and start in September!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Yeah, they’re definitely 180 degrees from my usual style. I was thinking more comfort than cute, I guess. The quest continues…

  4. Val S says:

    I like the yellow ones, and they look really comfortable. Have you ever looked at Rieker’s? I haven’t tried them on, but they look pretty and comfortable, more sleek. Natalia just mentioned them on her blog a few days ago. But they’re in the triple digit range, too. I guess you need to peruse the sales and the internet, and yes, consider it an investment.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oooh! Just perused some Rieker shoes at Zappos! Those are definitely more my style. But yes, still triple digit price points. But now that I have some leads on brands, I can start working my online magic and find the deals.

  5. hmmmm. well. just. hmmmm. they all look comfortable.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ahahahahaha! Sue, you crack me up! Your tone comes through so clearly that it needs no emoticon. 😀

      • I know, I’m trying to think of something kinder to say. Okay, the first pair…cool with wide legged jeans, or perhaps a sporty, nautical look, but they aren’t all that girly. I too love the colour of the purple ones, but anything wedge automatically adds bulk, at least to my eye. I have a couple of pairs of wedge sandals. I love them because they are fairly comfortable, and they add height. But, honestly…I sometimes have a challenge styling them with my dresses…I will have to work on that. The next two are just not to my taste, and the last pair although cute, don’t say heels to me. I guess I’m doing things backwards, in my fifties and flirting with wearing real heels! But, the lines are just oh so feminine, and I’m really drawn to them. I would definitely choose flats, like d-orsay flats over these choices. Looking forward to following along this thread of conversation.

        • mtsedwards says:

          Hrm…d’Orsay flats? I don’t know that I’ve seen much of those; I always thought they come in at least a kitten heel? And although I’m all about Chucks and oxfords, flats for some reason stump me – figuratively and literally. Because my calves are so athletic, I feel I need a bit of height in order not to look squat and stumpy (see the difference in my collage above)?

          I hope more people chime in on this; I like having loads of options. Now off I go to investigate d’Orsay flats…

          • Absolutely my conundrum…I think it’s because of my blog photos and really seeing how squat and stumpy I look that I’ve starting yearning for heels. But still! Whenever I’m in a shoe store, or department, I’m automatically drawn to flats. For me personally, I like lightness, and airiness. Now that I’ve looked at the sandals you’ve showcased today, I understand my likes a little better. These sandals, although attractive, are a little too weighty for my personal taste. If I saw them on an individual and they coordinated with their outfit tastefully, I would probably find them *quite* attractive. But, not to my personal taste. I’m curious how much you like these sandals Maricel.

            • mtsedwards says:

              I don’t like them “much”; I just like them enough. 😀 And to be honest, I featured them only because these were the only ones reviewed by Kirsten that even remotely appealed to me. You know me – if I could get away with wearing stilettos until I die, I would!

              That said, I do like to pair a chunky heel/wedge with light, airy outfits because of my love for juxtaposition and quirk. You’ll see what I mean with one of my outfits this coming up week. (See what I did there? I did a trailer for my blog. Not that you’re not a regular reader already, right?) ;p

          • My friend Georgette did a post about d’Orsay flats recently:

  6. Patti says:

    I’d wear all and any of these, so cute. I wear Clark’s a lot, and I have a pair of Sofft’s similar to the “Lizzie”. Hop in, the water is fine! xox
    P.S. Come over alter for Vis Monday, pls!

    • mtsedwards says:

      I’ve been looking at Clark’s; good tip. And of course I’m in for Vis Monday! You know you’re one of my regular linkups, Patti. 🙂

  7. Connie Snow* says:

    That’s how they get you! The price of those shoes!! I know because I have F-ed Up feet and I hobble around the Nordstrom shoe department drooling over the Taryn shoes and sobbing quietly over my iced green tea at the Nordstrom cafe. I am on THE HUNT with you. Thanks for these tips. I will share the results of my search. But first I have to go buy a Lottery ticket. XXXXOOOO

    • mtsedwards says:

      This is why we definitely need to meet up – I would LOVE to sob quietly over some iced tea at Nordy’s with you.

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