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OOTD :: of red dresses, foundations and dalmatians




You would think I’d be all over Anne’s 52 Pick-me-up challenge this week. After all, I’ve been on a recent girly kick, choosing skirts and dresses more often than not, and the 50s decade is all about girly, twirly outfits. I even bought this red, red dress and the cat’s eye sunnies in anticipation.

Then the reality struck: you know that recognizable 50s silhouette with the tiny, waspish waist and generous bosom thrust out? You know how they managed to attain said silhouette, don’t you?

Serious foundation undergarments.

‘Struth! You really didn’t think women’s bodies came shaped like that naturally, did you? Well, maybe the lucky Jayne Mansfield’s or perhaps Marilyn Monroe’s did, but that’s just drawing the high card from the gene pool deck. The rest of us mere mortals – especially soft, sedentary 21st century supersize me ones (I’m looking at you, mirror!) – have to struggle to create even a shadowy semblance of ye ol’ glory days. And I don’t know about you, but my foundations collection consists of a torsette and several slips, not exactly big guns material, if you know what I mean.

But I guess that’s what completer pieces are for, yeah?

Because when I threw on this eye-tricking dalmatian-print cardi, my muffin top magically disappeared. And then, when I rediscovered my pointy toed patents in the depths of my closet – the ones that are the perfect height for both cuteness and comfort – I knew I had a winner on my hands.

Even if I am certain to be uncomfortable, sucked into my torsette all day. Ah, what price beauty!

Before we end this transmission, I’d like to share a quote with you. Actually, in honor of this month’s T3, I shall give you quotes from my chosen book every day this week. Today’s excerpt is quite fitting considering this week’s theme, doncha think? (I rather appreciate being caught in between “quaint” and “charming”.)

James Lanver, the fashion historian, anatomized the fluctuations of change: The same costume will be

INDECENT … 10 years before its time
SHAMELESS … 5 years before its time
OUTRE (DARLING) … 1 year before its time
DOWDY … 1 year after its time
HIDEOUS … 10 years after its time
RIDICULOUS … 20 years after its time
AMUSING … 30 years after its time
QUAINT … 50 years after its time
CHARMING … 70 years after its time
ROMANTIC … 100 years after its time
BEAUTIFUL … 150 years after its time

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – eBay
Cardi – Old Navy
Pumps – Janine @ Payless

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