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OOTD :: of self-branding, university days and wishful thinking




I’ve always wanted to letter in something. Or own something that shows I lettered in something. And yet, I still have reservations about wearing anything that screams “Look at my chest!” and I’m woefully unathletic to boot.

So what’s a gal to do? Why, grab a sweater that’s got a letter that’s pink and prominent and covers your entire torso, of course. This way, it’s obvious, doesn’t require more than a momentary glance, and satisfies my longing for university days long gone without requiring physical exertion on my part.

(And it also stands for “Maricel” and “Mom” and “My Closet Catalogue”. Tee hee!)

According to my sources, letterman jackets/sweaters are very 50s. So is plaid. And saddle shoes. And capri length jeans. I think I hit the motherlode with this ensemble, yeah? And although I do love me a swirly, twirly dress, nothing says comfort and sass like what I’m wearing today. I can finally breathe! If I never see another torsette again, it’ll be too soon.

I leave you with a final quote from The Thoughtful Dresser which may seem counter to my previous paragraph, but on any given day is exactly how I feel:

I don’t believe people who tell me that they are not interested in clothes and do not care what they look like. I think they mean that they are not interested in fashion, and believe that following the trends is a waste of time. They look for comfort and a reasonable fit in the clothes they buy, and that will do. But such an attitude lies on the surface. There is something shallow about asserting it doesn’t matter how you appear to others, because in your heart of hearts you know it isn’t true. People want to look the best they can. They may not know how to find the clothes that fulfill this, they may require the effort of doing so as too daunting, the might be frightened of the necessary expense, they might argue that they have no occasion to wear such garments or that the clothes don’t go with their personalities. But it is simply untrue to say that if you take the average woman of average height and weight and income and wave a magic wand, fairy-godmother-style, and put her in a dress that makes her look beautiful, or a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, she will react with indifference.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Merona @ Target
Sweater – Old Navy
Jeans – F21
Saddle shoes – Payless

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