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OOTD :: of creative layering and clever pattern juxtaposition




For those of you who are familiar with Custo tops and felt slightly betrayed by yesterday’s offering, I hope today is more to your liking.

This top’s got the signature Custo “complex and colorful graphical prints and intricate textile finishing” that started my Mad Hunt for them in the first place. It’s juxtaposition personified. Because who else could think up and get away with combining a mustard-yellow African princess graphic with a TARDIS blue 60s mod swirl? Not just that, but to then add grey mesh sleeves to the pairing? It’s either madness or genius, doncha think?

And can I get a “woot-woot!” for my kicking it up a notch and pairing a too-tight top with skinny jeans? Yesterday, Selah reminded me that we are our own worst critics and I should just embrace me, warts and all. So today, I’m not even gonna go self-deprecating on you and mention anything remotely denigrating about my body.

Instead, I’m gonna point out that I’m feeling particularly proud of this creation because I pulled a Lisa and layered a bejeweled tank underneath the Custo which resulted in two positives: 1) seemingly counterproductive because of the extra layer, the polyester fabric of the tank acts like a slip and makes the cotton of the Custo pull away from my body, thus minimizing visible bulges (Argh! So much for no denigrating comments!), and 2) the high collar adds visual modesty to an otherwise low-cut neckline. And let’s not overlook the fact that the gems on the collar mimic the colors of the Custo.

Necessity is the mother of invention, right?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Custo Barcelona @ eBay
Bejeweled tank – F21
Skinnies – Gap
Smoking slippersG-stage

:: Linking ::
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