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5 Things :: a birthday wish list

So I turn 42 in 2 days and, as is always the case, my family despairs of getting me presents.

Apparently, it was the same situation for Mother’s Day. They accuse me of buying for myself during the year and not leaving them anything with which to gift me. While this is pretty true to form, anyone who knows me well should really have no problem finding something I’d like. I have so many hobbies and interests after all.

Now this isn’t a call to action or a blatant request for prezzies. And I highly doubt anyone from my immediate family will even read this post in time to get me anything. But I felt it rather fun and altogether apropos to do my 5 Things feature on a birthday wish list.

Mind you, this list is excepting the intangible things like world peace and sleeping in. And I’ve left off the honey-do list like planting me a fruit tree or fixing the wall by the front door that Jack the Beast has destroyed down to drywall. This list predominantly consists of frivolous things I’d not buy for myself but would appreciate it immensely if others presented them to me.

In no apparent order, then…

1. prints from The Ideal Bookshelf – Now I’m not even asking for a personalized shelf (although I could definitely do a 5 Things post on that in the future). I think I’d be perfectly happy with either the Girl Stars set or the Fantasy set. I’d also put HP on that list but I’ve got the real thing and nothing can beat that on my shelf.

2. a really good wok – One that’s light enough for me to lift and swish the veggies about but sturdy enough that it’ll last me years. Oh, and it’s gotta be not non-stick so my meat gets that good sear.

3. TARDIS watch – Because I refuse to tell time using my phone, my wrist feels naked without one, and c’mon! It’s a TARDIS watch!

4. a pair of Sock It To Me socks – First found them when I was looking for a pair for Anne’s Crazy Socks challenge, I am totally enchanted by all the prints that I can’t pick just one. Top faves include Bonjour, Cherry Blossom, and Starry Night.

5. monogram necklace – I’d asked for this last year and my kiddos interpreted it this way. Of course, we all know I meant this way. I still want it, but I may just have to be content with the one I got. So perhaps just these instead? I’d love them in all the colors!


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