Treasure Tuesday :: of scouts, spoons, snappers and Doctor Who


Welcome to Treasure Tuesday! This is the first in a series as conceived by Greenthumb and interpreted by me.

I think her protocol is for participants to take all their pictures to her prompts and publish them in a single post, but I’m going to break mine down in bite-sized portions.

Just because.

Yay, summer!

Here, then, is my first stab at things:

B is for ?: Two Saturdays ago, Aly went up a Girl Scout rank from Brownie to Junior. It was a very ceremonial yet mellow affair held in the troop leader’s backyard. Have I mentioned already that I LOVE Aly’s troop leader? She’s so low maintenance and easy-going but thorough and organized at the same time – my kind of person and my kind of mom. Her husband is just as cool. In fact, he built the bridge Aly is standing on and it came out wonderfully. That’s what it’s officially called, by the way. When you go up a level. Bridging. So B is for Bridging from Brownie. Perfect, yes?

photo 2



Spoon: Before they opened up a Yogurtland a mile’s bike ride away from my house last summer, my kids and I would drive twenty miles one way to the then closest location and splurge on decadent goodness. The yogurt was already yummy, but then the franchise went one step further and started offering weekly vanity spoons to get repeat customers. Curse them and their genius. Needless to say, my kitchen has a plethora of Sanrio spoons – multiples of all 4 kinds – to prove our undying loyalty. This was a no-brainer picture for this prompt because Sanrio is just all kinds of cute.

photo 3



Man made: DOCTOR WHO TARDIS WATCH. Just…yes. Happy birthday to me!

photo 4



Habitat: I though this was gonna be a toughie. But the same weekend we had bridging was also the first weekend I ever ventured into our troop leader’s backyard. Usually, Girl Scouts is just a drop-off/pick up situation at the front door. So how pleasantly surprised was I to find this darling turtle just noshing away at lunch? Apparently, he’s a free-range turtle so the entire backyard is his habitat, but I caught him perfectly entwined and content amidst loops of color matching garden hose and I couldn’t resist the photo op.

photo 1


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30 thoughts on “Treasure Tuesday :: of scouts, spoons, snappers and Doctor Who

  1. Kezzie says:

    Welcome to the hunt!!!! I love your clever turtle shot and well done to your daughter!!! X

  2. Glo says:

    Great photo choices…perhaps the turtle is wending its way around the loops šŸ™‚ Congratulations to Aly ~ such a happy shot ~ Cute spoons,too

  3. Val S says:

    I can’t remember if I commented on this before. I bet the turtle has moved a whole foot or two since you first posted this! Aly looks so sweet on the bridge

  4. I enjoyed your photos, MCC! The turtle shot was great, and I loved the Bridging/Brownie one! Yogurtland ~ Oh Yum! We don’t have one near us in Colorado, but I made good use of the one my husband and I found along Waikiki in March! Have a good one!

  5. Julie says:

    Hi, looking forward to seeing the rest or your entry. The spoons are my favourite. x

    • mtsedwards says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Julie. The spoons were my fave from this batch too. (Is that a bad mommy moment since I didn’t vote for my daughter’s pic? LOL!)

  6. Petra says:

    Great photos šŸ™‚ My favourite is the habitat one.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Thanks! I’m just a neophyte photographer so your compliment means a lot. That turtle shot was so impromptu too!

  7. Greenthumb says:

    Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I like your photos of spoon and habitat. Greenthumb.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Thanks for hosting, Greenthumb. I hope it’s okay for me to break them up into separate days. Would it be okay to link them all or is that too much?

  8. jenortega says:

    What a fun link up!

  9. Val S says:

    Wow, you’re really getting a jump on this! I haven’t even written the list down, so I’ve forgotten everything that’s on it.

    Hurray for Aly! And hurray for your cool watch!

    • mtsedwards says:

      The only word I’m stuck on is “soccer”. Guess I’m making a special trip to the park this weekend. šŸ˜€

  10. Aww…look how cute Aly is! I remember crossing the bridge from brownie to girl scout…huge deal to a little girl!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Sadly, she didn’t feel the pomp and circumstance that day because she was still on the fence on whether or not she wanted to continue on. Thank goodness she says she’s giving it another go.

  11. jangrahammcmillen says:

    Happy Summer! Congrats to your Brownie. Love your tortoise … had one as a pet belonging to the grandparents for decades in San Diego. But the Dr. Who watch is beyond anything. What’s on the face, and what makes it specifically Dr. Who gear?

    • mtsedwards says:

      The face has the police call box info, the leather is a beautifully dark TARDIS blue and on the loop that hold the strap in place, it says “Police public call box”. Love!

  12. Patti says:

    Ah the turtle – reminds me of “Speedy” who lived in our yard for a long time. xo

  13. Aww, Aly looks so cute! This brought back memories of my own bridging ceremony – my dad built my troop’s bridge!

  14. Love the turtle. Very nice.

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