Thrilled for Thursdays #1

:: Girl Scout Glamping 101 ::

a photojournalistic retrospective


Day 1 – 16:00 hours – We reach the camp grounds of Pali Mountain and explore the premises. This is the main courtyard which affords one of the best views.

glamping 2014

Day 1 – 16:45 hours – Inside the cabin. Note the bunks; we had 12 beds in one room. It was tight, but at least we had running water and an actual bathroom.

glamping 2014

Day 1 – 19:00 hours – Glow Dance begins. I was jacket and backpack monitor while the girls grooved to the likes of Ylvis, Katy Perry, and One Direction. Moat of the counselors were from Australia and England so Aly got major props for her shirt.

glamping 2014

Day 2 – 08:00 hours – After a VERY long sleepless night of sharing a twin bed with a time-obsessed daughter (every hour on the hour, she’d tap my shoulder just as I was nodding off to ask me what time it was) and a violent snorer in the adjoining bunk, I stumbled out of the cabin and snapped the view from our balcony before fortifying myself with buckets of coffee at breakfast.

glamping 2014

Day 2 – 09:30 hours – Crafts class. I was allowed to head back to the cabin to catch a nap while the girls and their troop leader made the requisite camp lanyards.

glamping 2014

Day 2 – 11:00 hours – Archery class. The reason we came to camp in the first place. Aly tries her hand at being Katniss. She lets 6 arrows fly and hits the target all 6 times. On her first try.

glamping 2014

Day 2 – 11:30 hours – Why do they insist on making chaperones participate?! Everyone knows I can’t catch or throw. Or shoot, apparently. I may look like I have good form but of the 3 arrows, only one of mine made the target.

glamping 2014

Day 2 – 16:00 hours – Dessert class. Would’ve been the other reason Aly insisted we go to camp except for two things: 1. she’d already had a dessert decorating party with the scouts the week before to commemorate their last meeting, and 2. at this point of the day sans sleep she was cranky and exhausted.

glamping 2014

Day 2 – 19:30 hours – At dinner, Aly whispers that she’s ready to go home. She was willing to pass up on the hike and s’mores by the campfire in exchange for a good night’s sleep in her own bed. I was in no condition to argue; I felt I’d got my money’s worth at that point. So we hastily paid our respects, packed up our gear and headed down the mountain in a race against the sun.

glamping 2014

Was the trip a success?

Let’s see: I didn’t get any sleep, I bruised up my arm from archery, I drove up and down a mountain by myself, I couldn’t go to the bathroom for two days because I just don’t do that in public, and I started my first official day of summer break surrounded by 8 shrieky nine-year-old girls.

But Aly announced on the drive down that she’s reconsidering quitting Girl Scouts. And I rediscovered what a totally cool kid she is, sleepless night notwithstanding, and how I truly enjoyed hanging out with her.

Success indeed.


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8 thoughts on “Thrilled for Thursdays #1

  1. […] Remember Glamping 2014? I forgot to mention a funny tidbit: when we arrived at the campsite, we were politely turned away […]

  2. Marsha Banks says:

    For the last 10 years of my teaching career, we took the fourth grade to camp. The set-up looked a lot like yours except the teachers had a private room with private bathroom. I loved it, but I always returned home exhausted! One of the best parts was seeing kids in a different environment. I wish I’d been able to do that with my daughter! The closest we now get to glamping is an outdoor mall! (But, she’s 32!)

    • mtsedwards says:

      I like your style of glamping for sure! And I wouldn’t have minded this trip at all if Aly had been able to sleep and thus allowed me to sleep as well. Maybe next year…

  3. jenortega says:

    Mwahahaha! This is why I send my children to camp and stay home relaxing!

  4. Aww! So sweet! Girl Scout tees were never that stylish when I was I scouts!

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