5 Things :: a rose by any other name

jack 2014

We think he’s a cattle dog, a Blue Heeler mix to be exact.

The hubs is thoroughly enamored of him. I think he’s a beast. The irony, of course, is that I was the one who found him and pushed for the adoption.

The hubs is the one who named him, however, and even though I still maintain to this day that he picked it simply so he could cackle wickedly any time we give the “Jack! Off!” command (and trust me, a cattle dog is a leaper and that command must be uttered in our household at least ten times a day), the name does lend itself nicely to fun variations.

Here, then, are the top 5 monikers. And thanks to Sue @ A Colourful Canvas for giving me the idea for today’s topic.

  1. Jack-Jack – the default name because a one-syllable name isn’t enough when you’re calling a dog to come in from the backyard
  2. the Jackness Monster – what I call him when he’s jumped on me full force with all 60 pounds and leaves claw marks on my chest
  3. Jacknado – what the kids call him when he tears through the house and up and down the stairs after the hubs gets him worked up
  4. Jacktastic – what we call him when he leaps six feet and catches a ball in mid air for the twentieth time
  5. Jacko – what the hubs calls him when it’s bath time

So, yeah. He looks calm in these pics but you really don’t want to come a-calling unless he’s in his kennel or the backyard. He’s one protective animal and will tear you apart. But for some reason, he loves me and loves nothing more than to crawl onto my lap – all 60 pounds! – and get a good cuddle in.

Looks can be deceiving indeed.


Week in Review – Did you guess my secret theme? It’s in the tags but in case you missed it: Midi Skirt Mashup! 😜


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13 thoughts on “5 Things :: a rose by any other name

  1. I love this post! My pets inevitably end-up with about a million nicknames. The cats I grew-up with were officially named Ella and Emily but by the end of their lives were commonly referred to as Pookum and Tiny, respectively. My current go-to nickname for my cat (real name: Izzo) is Bud or Bud Buds. We’ll see how long this nickname lasts until it morphs into something new…

    • mtsedwards says:

      I wish I wasn’t allergic to cats. Then I would have them. Note “them”, as in plural as in more than one. Coz then I’d have more opportunities for names. I love naming things. I must have been a wizard in another life. ;p

  2. He is adorable…by any name! Our dogs all have a multitude of nicknames and they answer to all of them. My husband is the official dog namer because he’s got mad skills…Jaida Pinscher Stinedurf (Jada Pinkett Smith..get it?!), Charley T (and she’s a girl), Macie Mae and Rawbert Pawl (Bawb). All of their middle names, except Jaida, come from a previous fur baby. Way more info than you probably needed…ha!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Hey, I’m just jealous that you have more than one dog. I’ve wondered what that would be like but with a beast like Jack, it’s just not possible. There will be blood. :/

  3. Patti says:

    Handsome little man! We have so many names for our cats, and yes I have called Sandy a kitty-name. He barely notices : >

  4. Oh Whoopee! Jack suits! It’s a great name. In my mind I can see *Jackaroo* leaping to catch a frisbee. hahaha. It’s funny how some pets get multiple monikers, yet some are solely referred to by their given names. We took over guardianship of a kitten when a friend could no longer keep her. Her, and her daughter, had named her Mia, and even though she was only 6 months old, I knew it would be wrong to change her name. It was okay; I like the name Mia well enough. Anyways, she is definitely a Mia, and rarely called anything else. Have a great week Maricel!

  5. Val S says:

    Ah, Jack looks sweet, all 60 pounds! I know what you mean about single syllable names, though. I got a kitten once and named her Belle. As she got bigger I changed it to Bella (way before the current name trend), but I usually called her Bella Boo or Bella Boom Boom. Maybe long pet names are best!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Yes, I think it needs to be at least two syllables. One syllable just doesn’t seem adequate enough to express our love/irritation/alarm for our furry buddies.

  6. Question – do you ever accidentally call your kids by the dog’s name? Bert days that happened to him several times as a kid. 😛
    Yes, you wore midi skirts, but it was almost a knotted shirt week too! 😀

    • mtsedwards says:

      I haven’t got there yet, but I do call Jack by my previous dog’s name. Oh, Samantha! Rest in peace… 😦

      Oh, yeah! It totally couldv’e been a knitted shirt week! Argh! I wasted a topic! 😜

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