Treasure Tuesday :: of places, spaces, races, and hats


Welcome to Treasure Tuesday! This is a series conceived by Greenthumb and interpreted by me.

Although her protocol is for participants to take all their pictures to her prompts and publish them in a single post, I’m going to break mine down in bite-sized portions.

Just because.

Yay, summer!

Presenting June’s third and final installment:


Open: Remember Glamping 2014? I forgot to mention a funny tidbit: when we arrived at the campsite, we were politely turned away because we were an hour early (wanted to beat traffic up the mountain but overestimated our travel time) and the counselors weren’t ready for us yet. We were directed to the town of Running Springs about a mile away. Here is an example of the storefronts one sees in the modest town of Running Springs. Needless to say, I was hard-pressed trying to keep two Scouts and my daughter occupied; at least the lovely ladies tending the store were chatty and helped out by selling the girls pairs of earrings for only a quarter each.




10am: I will not regale you with any more drama from the Hair Debacle of 2014. Here, instead, is a glamorous shot of the salon at 10 in the morning, when I was still naive and hopeful and thinking that I may have found my new stylist and that I wouldn’t have to travel to my old hometown 40 miles away for a style/cut like I’d been doing. Yeah. Not. The search continues…




Calm: Because nothing screams – err, whispers – calm like your local public library on a Sunday afternoon. I’d not visited this one previously because my loyalties lie with the L.A. County ones (I still refuse to admit I’m a San Bernardino County gal even though I’ve lived here for almost a decade now). But this was one of the designated drop-off spots for Aly’s impromptu city-sponsored Arts Camp registration. We were in a race against time to get it in – we were only 3 months late and there were only 3 spots left – and we were given the runaround before someone in the know could help us, but at least I got to tour the facilities and may have become convinced that Fontana may not be a bad place to live after all.




Steam: This is such a cheat that I’m almost too embarrassed to present it. But here you go, my picture of steam. Steampunk, that is. Eheheh.



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10 thoughts on “Treasure Tuesday :: of places, spaces, races, and hats

  1. Great set of photos! I especially like ‘you again’

  2. fiona says:

    That thrift shop looks right up my street.

    • mtsedwards says:

      It’s super fun and the proprietor was even more fun. Kept us talking and the troop leader had to text me and save me.

  3. EileenE says:

    Lovely photos, I like the ‘steam’ one.

  4. Greenthumb says:

    Love steam and open.

  5. jenortega says:

    I spent a weekend in Running Springs once. It’s cute! Wow! That library is so cool. I hope A loves her camp!

    • mtsedwards says:

      And the library was open on a Sunday too! Can’t beat that. Wonder if I ought to get a San Bernardino County library card too.

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