5 Things :: bucket list travelling

Huzzah! Anne @ SpyGirl is back with a whole new year of 52 Pick-me-up challenges!

In honor of this upcoming week’s theme, and because I’m not really a car girl and couldn’t tell a Caddy from a Mopar, here instead are the top 5 modes of transportation I’d like to try before I die:

  1. dog sledding in Alaska
  2. bullet train in Japan
  3. camel back in Jordan
  4. elephant howdah in India
  5. traghetto in Venice

And yes, I cheated a bit and chose ways to get around based on places I’d love to see before I shuffle off this mortal coil. Besides Italy, I’ve never been to any of the places on my list so might as well kill two birds with one stone, yeah?


Week in Review – Three cheers for the red, white, and blue!

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8 thoughts on “5 Things :: bucket list travelling

  1. Anne the SpyGirl says:

    A fun and adventurous list! Venice…

  2. Great list. I would love to all of those.

  3. Patti says:

    I want to see Venice, up close and personal, before I shuffle off too. Rome would be lovely too, and Florence. xox

    • mtsedwards says:

      I visited all three places when my parents gifted me with a European tour when I graduated college and I swore I’d be back when I had more discretionary funds so I could enjoy them as an adult. I have vague memories of Rome being dirty and hot, but Florence and Venice both hold special places in my heart.

  4. Val S says:

    Ah, Venice! None of the others really interests me, but a languorous ride through the smaller canals would be lovely. Anne’s challenge this week is unusual, and I was thinking I’d have to wear blue like my car, but I’ve been riding my bike a lot so maybe that’s the way I should go. And who doesn’t look fab in a bike helmet!!!

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