OOTD :: of butterflies and better late than never




Every month, I always vow to participate in Gracey’s Literary Stylings.

After all, I think it was her challenge that insidiously wrapped itself into my subconscious and gave birth to my own T3. The thing is, she links up at the beginning of each month and my link up occurs during the third week of the month and never the twain shall meet.

And because, more often than not, what I’m currently reading doesn’t necessarily lend itself to easy or work-appropriate fashion, I’m hard-pressed coming up with one outfit, let alone two, each month.

It’s summer right now, though, so I have the freedom to play with outfits. Yesterday, you got my fave villain and Umbridge. Today, you get my latest obsession and butterflies.

I just can’t stop thinking of Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. Her prose stabs my heart and leaves slivers of visceral magic behind and if I can’t come close to touching her skill and genius with my own writing, then I can celebrate her with an inspired look.

The quote in question speaks of moths…

He was tense with anger but his hands remained gentle at her waist. He said, “I can make you a shawl.”

She cocked her head. “You knit? Well. That’s an unusual accomplishment in a soldier.”

“I don’t knit,” he said, and that’s when Madrigal felt the first feather-soft touch on her shoulder. She didn’t mistake it for Akiva’s touch, because his hands were at her waist. She looked down and saw that a gray-green hummingbird-moth had settled on her, one of the many fluttering overhead, drawn to the expansiveness of lantern light that must seem like a universe to them. The feathers of its tiny bird body gleamed, jewel-like, as its furred moth wings fanned against her skin. It was followed shortly by another, this one pale pink, and another, also pink, with orange eyespots on its lacework wings. More floated out of the air, and in a moment, a fine company of them covered Madrigal’s chest and shoulders.

“There you are, my lady,” said Akiva. “A living shawl.”

She was amazed. “How-? You are a magus.”

“No. It’s a trick, only.”

“It’s magic.”

“Not the most useful magic, herding moths.”

“Not useful? You made me a shawl.” She was awed by it. The magic she knew through Brimstone had little whimsy in it. This was beautiful, both in form – the wings were a dozen twilight colors, and as soft as lamb’s ears – and in purpose. He had covered her. Thiago had torn her dress, and Akiva had covered her.

…and I think butterflies are close enough to moths. It’s derivative, true, but I’m hobbled by the weather. This trilogy is more of a fall/winter muse so don’t be surprised if I come back to it again in the future for more stylistic interpretations.

It’s too late for me to link up with Gracey, but I share this look with you anyhow because not only am I still thoroughly enamored by Laini Taylor’s writing – I haven’t read a book since; l need longer than usual to cleanse my palate – but it also actually fits the Fairy Tale challenge over at SpyGirl. The trilogy is a grown up fairy tale, and the good Grimm kind, not the Disney one.

Go read them. Seriously. All kinds of wow. You won’t be disappointed.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Shirt – Tucker for Target
Cardi – F21
Skirt – Marshall’s
Sandals – Merona @ Target

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