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So the other day, I noticed a concerning thing: I’ve currently used up 35% of my allotted upload limit here on WordPress.com.

This may not seem like a lot, but if we were to do some simple projections based on my average usage, I will outgrow my blog home in 2 years. And this is assuming I don’t do crazy things like store enormous media files in the meantime.

Now, WordPress.com does offer upgrades. For a mere $20 a year, I can go from 3 GB storage to 10 GB, but that only extends the life of my blog an extra 7 years (if we consider my growth to be 1 GB/year). On the other hand, Bluehost – a company that WordPress itself endorses – offers Unlimited Domain Hosting, Unlimited Hosting Space, Unlimited File Transfer, Unlimited Email Accounts, Free Domain Name, Free Site Builder with templates, and Free Instant Set-up (yeah, I copy/pasted that sucker; I’m just in lazy summer mode).

Bluehost’s starting price is around $7.99/month for basic stuff. They’re advertising $3.95/month but there’s a sly little asterisk that says this price is only good for the first term. So let’s go worst-case scenario and do $8. That’s $96 a year. A helluva lot more pricey than sticking with WordPress.com but, barring inflation, a pretty solid rate that has no appreciable expiration date for storage. Unlimited, remember?

Besides the storage, another consideration are the plug-ins. Staying with WordPress.com does not allow me to use plug-ins at all. Not a big deal ‘coz I’m not a super techie? Sure, but I need plug-in capability to use DISQUS and I really want to use DISQUS. Like, a lot. DISQUS sends me a digest of all the comments I’ve made on other blogs and it’s so convenient and I’m telling ya – I actually am more inclined to leave comments on blogs that use it than not. I want that for my blog. (Whine, whine.)

At this point, my Blogger friends are laughing and pointing and saying “I told you so”. Let’s not go there.

So the big question is this: will I even be blogging long enough for this to even be an issue? Should I just ride it out and see where the tide takes me? I do still have 2 years, DISQUS notwithstanding. Or should I be proactive and get myself to a self-hosting site and not worry about it anymore?

Ah, me!

If this was a Common Core math problem, what answer would you leave on your computer screen?


22 thoughts on “WIT :: self-hosting versus Wordpress.com

  1. Did you really just bring up Common Core in the summer?! Being a special ed teacher that is the bane of my existence! I’m afraid of self-hosting…I’m techie illiterate!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Yes, yes I did! LOL! You and I need to have a private chat about Common Core – I piloted the test last year with my juniors and I’ve got to tell ya, I like it much better than “bubble in your best guess”. Beyond testing, I also like how there’s more emphasis on depth rather than breadth of knowledge. How is it tougher for special ed?

  2. I am very simple. I pay blogspot $1.99 a month for a lot of space. That is all I know.

  3. […] – a fashion blogger here on wordpress you may want to keep an eye on too – wrote a post about wordpress.com vs. wordpress.org. She thought  about these alternatives as she has already […]

  4. Val S says:

    Wow, I’m such a simpleton – I didn’t know you had limits on your space. I’ve never looked into Blogger’s limits, but I’m guessing I’ve got a long way to go. I agree about just waiting until you get closer to your limit. Technology is changing ALL THE TIME! Who knows what things will be like in two years?

  5. I also have already used up 1/3 of the allowance, and see the time on the horizon where I have to upgrade to 10GB. I will do it when times to it. Why? It is about the pipe of data flow to and from the lower 48s to Alaska. It is sooooooo slow. Readers would not wait so long to load my side. Another reason is the unreliable availability of electricity 24/7/365. Each winter someone is without electricity for a day or longer. So far I was lucky and the longest without was 5 hours. At work, I blog on wordpress.org. Why? The readers are all on campus so the slow data transfer to the world is not an issue and I don’t mind when nobody, but my students read that blog.
    Just as another angle how to look at it.
    P.S. So far I never used a pluggin on that page.I guess I am a straight htlm programmer grown up with the internet in the 90s. LOL

    • mtsedwards says:

      So you use .org at work? They have a lot more functionality than .com, lucky duck!

      And yes, I, too, am an old school html-er. I gave up when CSS style sheets came out and succumbed to point-and-click; it just seemed faster and easier than coding myself.

  6. Oh dear, what a conundrum! I’m by no means an expert in this category, but I think I agree with Selah. Stick with what you have for now and then when you get dangerously close to using up all of your space, think about changing. Good luck with your decision!

    • mtsedwards says:

      That seems the most logical path, doesn’t it? It’s not as if I don’t have other things occupying my brain. 🙂 I shall play it by ear then.

  7. I don’t know if GoDaddy has the same capacity as the hosting sites mentioned above, but I believe I saw that you can get your first year for like $2 or $3 and subsequent years for like $15.

  8. I’d wait and see how you feel about it when you hit the 90% mark. $96 per year is a lot to pay for something that’s still free for a few more years. Also, I don’t know if Disqus has fixed this, but it used to be that if you commented using a mobile device it only showed up on other mobile devices, not on PCs.

    Personally, I’ve already decided that I will stop blogging when I use up my 3 GB on storage (I’m at about 6% so I’ve got a good 5-10 years).

    • mtsedwards says:

      You know, that’s a great idea. Quit while I’m ahead. Because unless it’s a way to make a living, being a blogger becomes an expensive hobby past the free limit. I shall bow before your wisdom and follow suit. I’ll blog until my storage is used up then hang up the towel. 🙂

  9. Consider looking into Squarespace- you can get some good deals with podcast codes, and it’s pretty sexy compared to wp. Ok, I don’t like wordpress, never did and never will. I’m on blogger, not sure why people don’t sing its praises more, easy to use, and if you go all crazy on the uploads, it’s like $10 a year to increase your data. Since it’s free to begin with, the $10 I pay for domain name, and $10 for extra data, is a steal. And so much easier to use than clunky ol’ wp. That’s just my opinion, as I’ve noted, I never did understand why people sing wp praises…they talk about the variety of customized templates, but ya know what- we’ve all got a simple white background.

    • mtsedwards says:

      How funny – when I started blogging, I was on Blogger too and then I got seduced by the templates on WordPress and made the change before – you’re right – I ended up using a plain white one anyway. Now, however, I’m stuck on WP because I also use it for my school blogs and it’s just so much more convenient having them all in one place.

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