HGB :: Muku Labs Shuttr Remote

Muku Shuttr (Black)

The Shuttr. So little. So unprepossessing. So effing awesome!

Now, I’ve made a vow to never use the word “awesome” unless I mean it in its dictionary sense; that is, something has to inspire awe in me in order for me to use the word “awesome”. And I’m telling you, this gadget is AWESOME! Let me count the ways:

  1. Slim and tiny – Have you actually ever seen me hold this sucker in any of my pics? Yep, it’s that slick. Fits in the palm of my hand for covert selfies.
  2. No muss, no fuss – I have an iPhone so can only speak to that, but this gadget did not need any external apps to run. It works perfectly with my phone’s camera. And it was an instant, out-of-the-box user experience. Bluetooth sync and go.
  3. Long-lasting – I’ve had this baby for over seven months now and have yet to replace the battery. And it uses a typical lithium coin battery that’s a mere $2 on amazon. Just make sure you turn it off after use to preserve the battery life.
  4. Excellent customer service – Muku Labs started off as a Kickstarter project and I got in at the very beginning so I can’t say how they are now. But I remember getting a personal email from Kevin, one of the founders, and he answered all my questions clearly and promptly.
  5. Safe and quick delivery – Some of you may be leery of the Hong Kong origin, but not to worry; they do deliver. And I mean that literally and figuratively!
  6. Best bang for your buck – At a mere $40, I say this baby has paid for itself and then some. At this point, with the amount of work I’ve put it through, I can safely say that my Shuttr has earned its keep.

Honestly, folks, this nifty tool really revolutionized my blog photo taking. Before, I needed someone else snapping my pics and that was always so inconvenient and I hated having to depend on others. Then I thought I had it beat with those timer apps. But the best ones I found require you to wait for the countdown and/or clap to activate and doing either really takes away from the authenticity of the smile/pose. The Shuttr allows me to perfect that pose and snap at will.

It’s also saved me tons of money. Before I found the Shuttr, I was all set to plunk down some serious cash for an actual camera with its own remote – a good $500 – but let’s face it: my blog is not now and never will be a money-maker and spending that kind of cash is just cray-cray. Think of all the shoes I could (and did) buy with that?

If your a hobby blogger like me and use your phone for pics, I say this will be the best investment you will ever make. Go forth and order. And tell Kevin that I sent ya! 😜

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4 thoughts on “HGB :: Muku Labs Shuttr Remote

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  2. Val S says:

    Sounds much easier than my Chinese remote, but then I don’t have an iPhone either. Having a remote is the best for doing “fashion” shots – it’s easier to look natural when you haven’t just run back to get in shot!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, but it works with other phones too! Check out their website! Then again, didn’t you say you got a new camera earlier and don’t use your phone for fashion shoots?

      • Val S says:

        I don’t have a smart phone at all. I’ve been using my new little camera because it’s easy. I still need to check out all the functions, though.

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