WIT :: It’s just not my month…


I’m not making this stuff up. First, my broken closet and now this.

I am still sick. I’ve been since last Wednesday but I thought I could beat it in time to do this week’s round of photo shoots over the weekend. But that didn’t happen.

So once again, no OOTD. (By the way, this is also the reason I’ve been MIA on all your blogs, my friends. I swear I’ve been reading and enjoying your posts but it’s all I can do to manage mine and keep up with your comments so I hope you forgive my absence until I get better and get it together.)

But I promise you I look presentable and functional today. Because I still have to do Back to School tonight. And I still have to teach tomorrow because there is no way I’m calling in on the first day of school.

I’m wearing this outfit again in its exact iteration – cardi and shoes and all – since it’s technically a TARDIS Tuesday. It also ties in with Anne’s Goddess theme over at SpyGirl because I do feel goddess-like in it. And when one is feeling under the weather but needs must perform, it’s best to feel goddess-like to help mitigate the misery.


15 thoughts on “WIT :: It’s just not my month…

  1. So sorry you’re not well. Especially with the start of the school year – yikes! But that gorgeous dress should lift your spirits at least, and those of anyone around you. Take care, and I hope you feel better soon.

    • I’m popping lozenges like there’s no tomorrow, but I swear, it’s all this healthy eating I’ve been doing. My immune system is rejecting the veggie smoothies and telling me to go back to sugar and carbs because I never got sick when I was eating processed foods. ;p

    • Ah, but I’ll take the “stupid stuff” over kids any day – at least then I can still zone out and pretend it’s summer. ;p

  2. Ugh. I’m so sorry. I’m still sick too (going on 2 weeks now, I think!) and it’s ridiculous. I guess I should just give in and go to the doctors but I don’t want to. Feel better soon, Dear Sister in Misery (it’s the convent no one wants to join).

    • I’m crossing my fingers but it appears to be a particularly virulent strain. I’ve already infected my son and two of my co-workers. Eeep!

    • I’ll try, my dear Sue, I’ll surely try. But a word of advice: throat lozenges from Thailand are no bueno, whatever your mother says. >.<

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