Treasure Tuesday :: which probably needs a new name

Back by popular demand (or by the request of two people), I give you Treasure Tuesday’s Photo Scavenger Hunt. If you recall, this is a series conceived by Greenthumb, and I’d interpreted it differently during my Summer Edition posts. I’ve decided to follow her protocol for the regular year, giving you all 12 photos in one post.

Please enjoy the lovely pictures while I recuperate from a rather harrowing first week of school. And that’s a story for another day.

Peace, W is for?, Ball – I’d toyed with doing this feature as-is from summer so here was the post that addressed the first three challenges.

Luggage – I thought this was going to be the most problematic one since I hardly ever travel, but then the hubs surprised me with a spontaneous, impromptu trip to Vegas for our anniversary et voilà! (We stayed at the Golden Nugget’s Gold Club suite; I want my bedroom at home to be exactly like this!)



Sunglasses – On the way to Vegas, I found the perfect opportunity for an arty sunnies shot. I tried different filters but ended up choosing this photo in its undiluted glory.



5pm – The Grotto at the Nugget is our fave eatery in Vegas. Excellent service, excellent ambiance and just an elevator ride down from our room so free license to imbibe. And it was blessedly free of people at 5pm for our anniversary dinner so we got even better, more personal service.



Glitter – View from our hotel room. (Please pardon the ghostly reflection). We were confounded by that building across the way, glitter lights notwithstanding, for the interim of our stay, and it wasn’t until we got back and I spoke with a colleague who’s a Vegas veteran that I found out The D is the old Fitzgerald’s casino revamped.



Everyday – Okay, enough with the Vegas photos. This is my everyday. My two bed hogs. Like master, like dog. Sigh. They’re just lucky I’m an edge sleeper and we bought a king-sized bed.



Under – Did you really think you were going to escape a Scavenger Hunt post without an Aly photo?



On your shelf – My school shelf, that is. That’s where I now keep my extensive manga collection since the hubs is slowly taking away my storage at home. There are benefits to this verdammt new building after all.

photo 2(1)


Something you do everyday – Breakfast on the go? Absolutely, now that I’m back at work. This is a recipe a colleague shared with me. It’s amazingly yummy and packed with loads of nutrients and goodness. Now, I make huge batches over the weekend, enough to fill 6 Mason jars which I then freeze and take out the night before for a portable meal the following day.

photo 1(1)


Centered – I shall have to remember this quote during the rest of my 176 days of school. I think I’m gonna need it to keep my sanity.


Sorry for the dearth of pithy commentary. I write this on a Friday after the aforementioned harrowing first week of school. I promise to be more engaging next time. While we wait for my equilibrium to find itself, anyone wanna take a stab at renaming this feature since it probably won’t always fall on a Tuesday regularly? Please and thank you…

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16 thoughts on “Treasure Tuesday :: which probably needs a new name

  1. Kezzie says:

    Oh no, what happened at school!?!?! I’m just waiting for the misery on Tuesday! SOOOO much work still to do!!!
    Love your shot of your husband and dog- adorable!

    I like your glitter shot, beautiful and Aly is very photogenic!
    Hurrah for the Scavenger hunt

    • mtsedwards says:

      School is drama and just something I have to overcome because whingeing about it won’t make it go away.

      You’re the first to comment on that hubs/dog pic; we must have husbands on the brain, eh? Loved yours and his arabesque!

      It’s sickening how photogenic she is. She certainly didn’t get it from me. I have to artfully pose every single one of my shots.

  2. Christina says:

    A nice collection of photos! I like the sunglass prompt most (but I can’t see all photos, some don’t show in my browser). The green drink looks a bit scary for someone who likes to eat granola for breakfast…. but I am going to checkout the recipe.

  3. Val S says:

    You need a Starbucks quote that tells you to accept the randomness of life (and calendar months), and then just make Scavenger Hunt day a Wild Card.

    I love the photo of Aly, and the ones of your Vegas trip.Isn’t it nice when a bunch of photos all come together in one place?

    • mtsedwards says:

      Wild Card…I like that! I’m gonna check the calendar right now to see what days the ends of the succeeding months fall on and plan accordingly. Thanks, Val!

      And yes, when the ideas for pictures came one right after the other during the Vegas trip, I was in heaven!

  4. I had the exact same Oprah quote on my Chai Latte on Friday. It sure is a good one!

    • mtsedwards says:

      And the funny thing is that I don’t actually Starbucks. That cup was my principal’s who sat next to me during our in-service day and who graciously loaned it to me for a photo op. It’s definitely a good one, though.

  5. Amanda says:

    Great set of photos, I think the photos and the reasons we choose them says allot about our self’s… I too love the photo of the sunglasses on the dashboard.
    Amanda xx

  6. Greenthumb says:

    Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. It’s great to see all of your photos, I really like glitter, sunglasses and something you do everyday. Greenthumb

  7. What about “random day of the week tiny treasures?” Also surprised you freeze your juices, how can you ensure the jar won’t collapse under the expanding ice, how much empty space do you usually leave?

    • mtsedwards says:

      Well, the juices aren’t in the freezer too long – five days at most. Also, I do leave a good inch of space – where the threads of the Mason jar begin.

  8. debbie says:

    Yummy drink! Recipe please!
    And muwah!

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