OOTD :: of the little things that make me happy




Perhaps I just need to move to a cooler-climated area.

Because I am supremely happier when I can wear layers and boots.

This is my fave outfit of the week because

  1. These boots are both stylish and comfortable, a good respite from the pain of heels.
  2. The dress set me back all of $12 at thredUp, regularly retailing at $29 from Old Navy (although I’m sure if I’d waited for a sale, I could’ve bought it at that same price at the store).
  3. I figured out I can do belts as long as they’re the right width (3 inches) and material (super thin leather).
  4. The shades of gold, yellow and brown look particularly complementary with my new hair color; my black tresses would not have been as harmonious with this ensemble, I think.
  5. I actually look like I’m having a good time taking these pics.

Vive le vendredi!


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Old Navy via thredUp.com
Cardi – Old Navy
Boots – Audrey Brooke

:: Linking ::
Style to Inspire @ Rhea Et Cetera


13 thoughts on “OOTD :: of the little things that make me happy

  1. you do look like you’re having a good time, and looking pretty fabulous as well. One more month till boot weather here (and that’s jumping in early : > )

  2. Ohh, I think this is my favorite outfit of yours this week too! It’s something about the yellow and leopard print 🙂 You ALWAYS look like you are having a great time in your pictures. I’ve actually been thinking about you lately when I take my pictures…I’m trying to be more creative…so far it’s pretty hilarious but not really working.

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