5 Things :: of the inimitable Anne M. Bray and South

My very good friend, Anne M. Bray, undertook an ambitious expedition this summer. She went on a road trip and drove the perimeter of the U.S. by herself and recorded her experiences with snapshots of scenery as she passed by.

I signed up and became a donator to the cause, which allotted her some gas money and me two Waterlogued photos of her trip. But I can’t seem to make up my mind and so I turn to the vastness of the Interwebs and my trusty, loyal readers to help me make up my mind.

Now, according to Anne:

Using the Waterlogue App, I transformed my initial photographs into digital “watercolors” before printing them on aluminum at postcard scale. For my exhibition at TAG, I’m presenting the images as continuous strips, much like how I experienced the landscape as it rolled by my car windows.  Each wall showcases a different perimeter of the country: South, East, North, and West. The effect is a passenger seat view of my journey on the country’s roads less traveled.

Ideally, I’d like to have 4 prints, one for each point of the compass, but I’d only donated enough for 2 and I’m still on my 90-Day Spending Fast, so I’m going to have to be judicious in my choices. I may just end up choosing my paid-for 2 but then putting in reserve the other 2 for when I can spend money again.

Below are my top picks for “South” and I’d love to hear which one is your favorite for this category.











In the succeeding weeks, I’ll be showcasing my picks for North, West, and East and soliciting your opinion for them, but if it happens that your favorites end up being photos from the same “compass category”, then so be it.

By the way, if you want in on the action, feel free to contact Anne by clicking this link here. She has 53 thumbnails of her photos available for sale so you, too, can own a fabulous piece of art.

Week in review - Well, at least I got the "sunflower" yellow thing down.

Week in review – Well, at least I got the “sunflower” yellow thing down.

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2 thoughts on “5 Things :: of the inimitable Anne M. Bray and South

  1. Val S says:

    I like them all! But I’m kind of partial to the bridge, #5. It depends what your other choice is going to be.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Okay, I’ll put a tally down for the bridge. But you’re right; it’ll all depend on the other choices. I suppose I should’ve put them all in one post, but then it wouldn’t have been a 5 Things feature. LOL!

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