OOTD :: of navy, green and serendipity




I have always liked the color pairing of navy and green.

To me, it’s such a classic yet unsung combo. It’s kinda like my husband’s name. Greg. Everyone’s familiar with it. Comfortable with it, even. But very few people have that name anymore. And so it goes with navy and green. It’s like the no-brainer of color pairings and yet it’s not seen very often in retail these days.

The last I spotted it was in 2012 when The Webster did a designer collab with Target and I picked up this navy and green trimmed cardi. I have never worn it until now. It still had the tags on it when I pulled it out of the depths of my cardigan bin. Yeah, more proof of the validity of my 90-Day Spending Fast.

Anyhow, part of the reason I couldn’t style the cardi was its length – too short to be worn comfortably with skinnies or pencil skirts and a bit too sporty to wear with trousers. I suppose I could’ve worn it with any one of my skater skirts but, frankly, I’d quite forgotten about it by the time my love affair and subsequent amassing of skater skirts occurred.

So how serendipitous – my absolute fave fashion word, right? – is it that my gifted eShakti dress happens to go with the cardi as if made for it? And lookit, lookit! My thrifted Seychelles pumps go with it too! It’s almost as if this entire outfit had been bought all together. Mwahahahaha!

Added bonus? I’m remixing. Remember when I first showcased the dress? I don’t think I mentioned it, but I was a little unhappy with the button at the bodice – when fastened, I felt I was wearing scrubs; unfastened and I felt I was flashing the world. With this cardi, however, I am thoroughly stoked (anyone use that word anymore?) about the dress and foresee it being worn multiple times now that I’ve expanded its remix potential.

And how back to school preppy do I look in this ensemble? The contrast trim really does make that cardi pop.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – eShakti
Cardi – The Webster for Target
Pumps – Seychelles

:: Linking ::
52 Pick-me-up @ SpyGirl
The Lovely Lookbook @ Greater than Rubies


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11 thoughts on “OOTD :: of navy, green and serendipity

  1. […] how often have I used that word in correlation to my life? Ummm, let me count the ways…one, two, […]

  2. jenortega says:

    I love the remixing and I especially love the inclusion of thrifted items!

  3. The bit of green in the shoes is fabulous! And I agree that navy and green is a great color combo as well. I love this preppy look on you!

  4. WANT! It’s preppy, but totally fun! The peak of green in the shoe and your fun manicure are the icing!

    FYI…being a link follower, I clicked on your EShakti, but it brought me to this same post…

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, I didn’t even think about my manicure. I was just playing around with my daughter’s colors. LOL. And thanks for the catch on the link. I fixed it. 😀

  5. Anne the SpyGirl says:

    Wow! A match made in closet heaven! A+

  6. Such a cute colour combo! love it!
    Can you wear the cardigan open? Maybe then you can pair it with skinnys or trousers too

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