WIT :: the Altuzarra collection

Tomorrow, the Altuzarra/Target collab hits the proverbial streets and I’m giving myself a free pass from the 90-Day Spending Fast in order to invest in one piece.

I suppose I could wait till they go on deep discount. But it’ll be a gamble. The collection could go the way of the Neiman Marcus collection. Prices plummeted within weeks of its appearance, and I remember snagging the Lela Rose top at a fraction of its cost (80% off the original $69.99 retail price).

On the other hand, the collection could go the way of the Missoni debacle, when the Target website collapsed under the strain of rabid online shoppers, and when brick and mortar shoppers practically slaughtered each other for a stab at the chevron-inspired scarves and shoes, and when eBay vultures inflated prices over 200%.

And let’s not forget the arm and a leg I spent this summer tracking down previous collab items to make my collection complete.

So I think I am well justified in investing in the pieces now, keeping the tags on them and perhaps getting a price adjustment if we have another Neiman Marcus on our hands.

That said, you all have to help me decide which one piece I should purchase. I need your opinion on which item best suits my style and color palette. I also want your opinion on item versus price point; that is, which one you think is worth paying retail. All of the items I’ve chosen I’d buy in a heartbeat, but I know some are only worth it if they went on sale.

I’ve whittled it down to these:

Altuzarra For Target: dress in black, $49.99*

dress in black, $49.99

Altuzarra For Target: wrap dress in purple orchid print, $49.99

wrap dress in purple orchid print, $49.99

Altuzarra For Target: oxford shirt in navy orchid print, $34.99

oxford shirt in navy orchid print, $34.99

Altuzarra For Target: sweatshirt in orchid print, $29.99**

sweatshirt in orchid print, $29.99

Altuzarra For Target: velvet blazer in ruby red, $59.99**

velvet blazer in ruby red, $59.99

Altuzarra For Target: flounce skirt in green python print, $34.99*

flounce skirt in green python print, $34.99

Altuzarra For Target: The Complete Lookbook, Plus Pricing : Lucky Magazine

structured dress with crane embroidery, $49.99

Altuzarra For Target: wrap dress in red, $39.99

wrap dress in red, $39.99

Altuzarra For Target: sweater with crane print embroidery, $49.99

sweater with crane print embroidery, $49.99

Altuzarra For Target: shirt in python, $19.99

shirt in python, $19.99


So what’s the verdict? Do tell in the comments section so I can stalk the winning item online when midnight comes rolling around. And thanks in advance for not judging; I promise I’ll add another week to my fast to make up for this transgression.


14 thoughts on “WIT :: the Altuzarra collection

  1. I love either the that first red dress or the velvet blazer…so luxurious!

    • mtsedwards says:

      I’ve been hearing that the blazer has a 70s vibe which doesn’t translate well in photos. We shall see. Can’t wait for my order to come in…

  2. You know I love that velvet blazer…what did you get?

    • mtsedwards says:

      I did end up getting the red blazer, but I also picked up the black and white dress, the purple dress and the orchid print button up. Yeah, yeah, I went crazy. My co-worker says even thinking about buying, let alone buying all of it, means I broke fast, but I vow to only keep one piece as planned and will return the rest. If any of the other bloggers are to be believed, I won’t have a hard time returning things.

  3. debbie says:

    Red velvet blazer and green python skirt!
    And the red wrap dress has loads of potentials 🙂

  4. None of the prices look too high to me. They’re higher than standard Target prices, but they’re not horrible.
    I can see you in the navy blouse with the orchids on it. The blazer is lovely too.

    • mtsedwards says:

      And vote 3 for the blazer. I think that might be the winner. And I’m surprised you don’t think the prices too dear. I guess this is what spending fasts do to people – they elicit sticker shock.

  5. Val S says:

    I think any of the dresses would be fab on you, but especially the purple one. These are good prices!

  6. Patti says:

    the red velvet blazer is TDF. xox

  7. jenortega says:

    I really like the black dress with the white collar. Seth and I agree on the red blazer, so I guess that’s the winner in our household.

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