OOTD :: of Italian chic and playing with proportion




This is a dress. I swear.

But it accidentally got thrown in the dryer and it shrunk and I’d already surrendered it to Aly when I realized I could very well use it as a tunic. And so this is my way of finding a loophole in the 50 Dresses challenge and flirting with a new seasonal trend.

Yep, I hear the whole dress-over-pants thing is gonna be big this year and I’m just trying my hand at it. I think it’s really only successful as long as the proportion is balanced. So I can get away with a swingy top as long as I utilize a more bodycon silhouette on the bottom. If I were to wear a slimmer cut up top (like a shirt dress, for example), I’d probably be able to play with trousers or flared jeans.

As we say goodbye to grunge, this being the end of the week and all, I just have to point out how happy my feet were all week. I may just have to surrender my reputation as the Queen of Stilettos, an irony in and of itself since I finally have carpet in my classroom after three years of begging.

And the “Italian chic” part of my title? That’s the fabulous scarf KS#1 got me when she went on her whirlwind European tour several months ago. I love the colors that prove both muted enough for grunge but colorful enough to elevate this very basic all-black outfit to something editorial-worthy.

Vive le vendredi!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – ASOS
Leggings – Karmaloop
Boots – Qupid

:: Linking ::
Style to Inspire @ Rhea Et Cetera


18 thoughts on “OOTD :: of Italian chic and playing with proportion

  1. Very cute pictures! You could be a grunge queen or a stiletto queen – you wear them equally well.

    You’re so right about proportions – I know when things don’t work, but I don’t always buy the right things for the way I want to wear them. Got to work on that. But I’m glad to hear tunics are the thing, because that’s what I want to wear. Just need to adapt some of my things – like, throw them in the dryer! ;p

    • I’ve got a love/hate thing with my dryer depending on how rushed I am when I do laundry and how many “ooops”-es end up being “huzzah”s. ;p

    • Squeee! Dawn Lucy! I’m totally fangirling right now. And it’s been a while since I’ve had style blogger royalty pop by! Thanks for the follow and the compliment. I am honored!

    • Yep, you caught me out – these aren’t true pants in the “pants” sense; heck, I even store these in my “leggings” bin. But I figure referring to them as pants gives me some sort of fashion cachet because of the whole dress-over-pants trend.

      That look is supercute but it’s also utilizing leggings, right? Or jeggings? Or skinnies? Oh, skinnies! I can totes make dress-over-skinnies work. I think. 😀

  2. I have loved your 50 Dress challenge! I am down a few as a friend encouraged me to “re-home” them. But, I got am email from Banana Republic today telling me you can never have too many dresses! I immediately thought of you (well, and me, too, of course)!

    • Argh! Banana Republic is the devil! LOL! Okay, not really, but I’m glad I’ve conditioned myself to delete all my shopping links without opening them.

  3. I’m on your page here! And what a great page it is … you may be sidling away from the Queen of Stilettos throne for a game of Prince and Pauper with these adorable boots, but it works perfectly. You look adorable, and you got it just right. So many ways to do this look … very handy when you can’t decide between a dress or trousers!
    Thinking of all you kids with all the fires around. Makes me homesick, but I’d just be in the way! Stay safe and I’ll send rain soon. if we get anymore.

    • Fires? I’m woefully ignorant of current events because news depresses me. Have there been fires? Well, at least you know I’m safe, right? And thanks for the boots support; good to know I have cute outfit alternatives sans heels.

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