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OOTD :: of oxblood and sassy stockings




There is a saga attached to this outfit.

It began with the white dress. My favorite white dress. The one I loved so much I bought in two other colors. The one I swore I’d take care of and wear until it shredded from overuse.

And the one that somehow shrunk (or maybe I grew? yeah, right!) between last season and this.

The good news is that it only shrank in length – it still does fit everywhere else (boobs and belly are still well camouflaged). The bad news is that it’s now entered the realm of girlfriend-that’s-waaay-too-short-for-work-you’re-scandalous.

So I styled it utilizing my new fave trend: dress over pants. Unfortunately, the plaid trousers I chose made this dress look like a Southeast Asian caftan. Now there’s nothing wrong with Southeast Asian caftans per se, but the whole look just wasn’t working for me. Even throwing on a cocoon cardi didn’t quite cut it.

I was getting ready to scrap the whole thing – dress and all – and try another frock with the plaid pants when I remembered these stockings. I don’t think I’ve ever featured them on this blog – I may have bought them before I started :: MCC :: – so it was a truly serendipitous brain fart. You know me, I’m all about novelty, yeah?

Then, it was really only a matter of picking which color from the stockings I’d choose for my completer piece. Oxblood/burgundy/maroon was the fun choice, and since these shades always remind me of school marms (in a good way, of course), the wise old owl necklace was a total given as the final piece of the puzzle.

Of course, for the sake of full disclosure, I have to reveal that I did not wear these heels with the outfit after all. I forgot I’d be going to a teacher training up at the college which requires walking which requires walking shoes. So imagine this look with burgundy Chucks and you’ll have the rights of it.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Merona @ Target
Cardi – F21
Stockings – HUE
Necklace – F21
Heels – Type Z

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