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5 Things :: TARDIS skirting the issue

So once my Fiscal Fast is over, I know I want to own one of these beauties.

I also know the old me would’ve bought all five and would have subsequently regretted a too-much-of-a-good-thing scenario in my closet. After all, one can only have so many fan clothing items before one falls into the realm of age/work inappropriate geekdom.

Plus, I haven’t actually counted the number of skirts I own, but I’m certain it’s more than is healthy.

Why entertain the thought of these skirts, then? Well, hello! New Whovian here. And Halloween is right around the corner. And you can’t deny the ktischy charm of these skirts, even if you’re not of the fandom.

I am trying to do that whole “thinking about it” thing, though. I’ve already spoken to the Etsy shop owner and she’s assured me that she’ll have all these fabrics in stock by the time my official fasting is over in November, so I have the luxury of leisurely making up my mind.

Wanna help a sistah out? Which skirt do you think deserves the real estate in my closet?

Police Box Skirt by ComplementsByJo on Etsy


Blue TARDIS Skirt by ComplementsByJo on Etsy


Blue Police Boxes Doors Skirt by ComplementsByJo on Etsy


Police Box Skirt by ComplementsByJo on Etsy


Blue Police Boxes Skirt by ComplementsByJo on Etsy




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