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WIT :: in it for the long haul?


Day 55 of the 90-Day Fiscal Fast

Dress 40 of 50 Dresses (on Monday)

So how am I faring? Let’s deal with the easy stuff first.

(And allow me to illustrate my feelings with animal pictures because adorable.)


Wearing dresses every day for work was not as difficult as I thought. Knowing I was limited actually focused my planning of weekly outfits. What made it a tad challenging was trying to get my dresses to match up with Anne’s Pick-me-up topics, but I think that helped me stick to the plan by allowing me not fall into the doldrums.

I did break down one day, however, and wore pants but that was due more to life circumstances than to my being fed up with the challenge. Several Thursdays ago, I was feeling a bit distraught and needed to be a badass. It called for black snakeskin skinnies, black thigh-high leather boots, black button-up top, and a black fierce-fitting blazer to match my black mood; I didn’t think I owned any dresses that could keep up with my headspace that day.

I have three more weeks of straight dresses dressing and I can totally do it. I miss the versatility of my skirts and the attitude of my pants, but if push came to shove, I think I could turn into a frock gal no problem.

I can’t say the same about shopping, though.


I have to come clean and ‘fess up. I broke down and bought some stuff from the Target/Altuzarra collab when it debuted on September 14, thinking I’d just try them on in the privacy of my home and return them all en masse.

But of course that didn’t happen. I ended up keeping several pieces, falling victim to the “oh-damn-it’s-sold-out-online-and-in-store-I’d-better-keep-them-or-I’ll-regret-it” status of the pieces I did buy.

And since I’d already broken fast and since I’m an all-or-nothing kind of person, it was only a matter of time before I felt compelled to open those sale emails and partake in the Payless BOGO sale because, well, my feet demanded it.

So is the fiscal fast a bust?


Well, yes and no. I’ve realized that, unlike smoking, I can’t quit shopping cold turkey. But I’ve also learned that I can practice self-restraint if only in small doses. I like seeing my credit card bills going down and the righteous feeling I get when I turn down my impulsive shopping tendencies, but I do feel shackled when I see a good bargain on something I need (Comfort Plus shoes at Payless at 40% off? So all over that!) and remember that I’m not allowed. Plus, how many times have you ever disobeyed when you’re not allowed?

Yeah. Thought so.

The upshot is that I will finish off the 90-Day Fiscal Fast in theory, if not in practice. That is, I’m going to continue saying no to impulse items but I won’t deny myself a treat every once in a while when it comes around. If I stick to a budget for real this time around – no more guesstimating and overspending validation based on my abusing the return policies – as well as giving myself 48 hours of “thinking about it” before immediately purchasing, I think I’ll be in a good place.


Now, at the risk of opening myself up to censorious judging, I shall elicit comments. What say you, my friends? Shall I continue with the fast for real – no spending at all – and just extend it to make up for my moments of weakness? Or shall I just call it a learning experience and forge ahead with my budget plan?

If the former, how many days/weeks should I extend as penance? If the latter, how much do you guys budget a month for clothes/shoes/accessories? And do you get rid of something when you buy something new? (Remember, this whole fiscal fast all started in the first place because of the breaking of my closet from being overloaded.)

I sure would love to hear your feedback/advice/opinions.




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