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5 Things :: my walk of shame

So here’s the damage: 5 items from the Target/Altuzarra collab that ended up finding a home in my closet. For good or for ill, they’re here to stay because the promo stipulated a 14-day return policy and I’m way beyond that time limit.

When 50 Dresses is over, you can be sure I’ll be styling these goodies within an inch of their lives.

Altuzarra for Target Python Pencil Skirt- Natural


Altuzarra for Target Jacquard Pencil Skirt- Black


Altuzarra for Target Satin Orchid Print Oxford Shirt- Navy


Altuzarra for Target Velvet Blazer- Ruby Hill


Altuzarra for Target Button Down Dress- Black


September grand total: approximately $225 with tax. If I kept with my original budget of $250 a month, this is actually pretty good for me. But if I’m going with my new budget of $150, then this month was a total bust. Of course, I wasn’t supposed to be spending anyway at this time, so it’s already a bust, but as Patti says, life’s too short for recriminations so I’m just gonna call this a wash.


Week in review – Prints and patterns and trends; oh, my!

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