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10.14.14This was a given, right?

What other fandom has gotten so much press on this blog than Doctor Who? It stands to reason since it’s my most recent obsession and we all know how I am about new and shiny things.

I’m betting that this one has the longevity and staying power of Star Wars, though. After all, it’s got every element of geekdom that tickles my fancy: time travel, period pieces, spunky sidekicks, snarky protags, a plethora of quotable one-liners, and just enough of a fear factor that I can watch unhampered by my chicken-wimpiness.

Anyhoo, I thought to throw you for a loop with today’s ensemble. Normally, I’d go all out with a TARDIS blue everything outfit. Unfortunately, I’ve used up all my dresses of that hue and am now relegated to accessorizing with the color. But never fear – I’m in interp overdrive and I decided to think beyond color and go thematic instead.

Besides the fab TARDIS blue booties (which is the reason for this funny filter – the original photos came out too dark to show off the brilliance of the blue boots) and my TARDIS watch, then, I give you my take on a Clara outfit. I was going by these looks as my inspiration, playing mix and match with the few dresses I have left in my roster. I decided not to be so literal (you proud of me, Selah?) and to try capturing her vibe instead. She’s not too hard, really. After all, we’re both English teachers and we’re both quirky so, aside from the age difference, dare I say I’m actually a real-life Clara?

Now if only a mad man in a blue box would come a-calling…

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – ASOS
Cardi – tobi
Shoes – DVF

:: Linking ::
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 Keep thinking of that scary, gives-me-the-heebie-jeebies book inspiration for your outfit this Thursday!
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