OOTD :: of super heroes and red, white, and blue




It’s a bird.

It’s a plane.

It’s…super hero day!

At the risk of arousing the ire of all geekdom, I would like to publicly state that I am an equal opportunity super hero fan. Marvel, DC, Pixar – makes no never mind to me. Gimme a good origin story and devilish villains and I’ll be your advocate forever. Admittedly, Marvel has my heart at the moment because their movie franchising is a lot more accessible – I’ve long given up my relationship with my local comic book guy and my pull list due to financial and geographic issues – but I’ll always follow Batman and I will always have a soft spot for DC’s Vertigo imprint.

Today, I honor my comic book fandom with an outfit that sports the ubiquitous red, white and blue palette of many a superhero. (What, did you think I was gonna go all capes, tights and bustier on you? Ha!) And aren’t you loving that billowing bubble skirt? Don’t ask me why, but I find it very reminiscent of costumed crusaders.

I’m also “passing on” the denim jacket from Whitney and Alex’s Blogging Besties linkup and thanking my stars that it actually goes with today’s motif.

Vive le vendredi!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Max Studio
Top – H&M
Jacket – F21
Pumps – Janine @ Payless

:: Linking ::
Blogging Besties @ Whitney a la mode and Undergraduate Style
Style to Inspire @ Rhea Etcetera


17 thoughts on “OOTD :: of super heroes and red, white, and blue

  1. That is one fabulous outfit. I’d wear it head to toe. I want to try a white button-up under a low-cut dress. The wine color of that dress is THE MUST Color this Fall and your Cobalt Pumps are gorgeous. I also love a denim jacket over a dress and was wearing this kind of outfit today, myself. =)

    Happy Weekend Maricel!!

    • Wearing shirts under dresses is my new fave thing, thanks to Lisa @ Respect the Shoes. Now, she’s tinier and more svelte than I so she can get away with doing so under a lot more clingy dresses, but I have to pick and choose my battles.

    • Alright, lady, you’re going to have to define “Dw” for me. I’m old and not so savvy with the acronyms you young uns use nowadays. ;p

  2. First: This outfit is fabulous. Those shoes alone – wow. Fab!

    Second: I feel exactly the same way about super heroes. Marvel is killing it lately though, so they definitely have my ear.

    Third: Have you read the insane/awesome/insane again comic Saga? It is SO GOOD. And nuts. (http://io9.com/10-reasons-you-should-be-reading-brian-k-vaughan-s-sag-756300575) It totally might not be your thing, but I feel like I have to tell everyone I know about it. It’s that good.

    • Oh, I’ve loved Brian K. Vaughan since Y the Last Man! I’ve put the first volume of Saga in my library queue. I’m assuming it’s an ongoing title? Will this make me go back to collecting comic books again? 0_0

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