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OOTD :: of camouflaging with giraffes




You know a dress is all kinds of awesome when it’s a clingy jersey knit and yet you can wear it without the requisite suck-it-in shapewear.

This dress fits that bill and then some. You wanna know why? It’s that crazy giraffe print, my friends! It’s fooling the eye into thinking I’ve got this svelte, 20-something-year-old bod when really my puffy pudge is unabashedly unfettered. No Spanx-ing for me today!

It’s got short sleeves, though, and there’s only so much “loving my body, lumps and all” I can do before self-consciousness sinks in and I have to have a layering piece to camo some problem parts. Thankfully, insecurities can sometimes breed genius. How else would I have thought to pair this TARDIS blue cardi with this dress? That is, I knew I wanted to wear this dress for Anne’s challenge, but I also needed a TARDIS hue. Initially, it was gonna be the shoes, but my arm flaps demanded the cardi instead.

Okay, enough self-flagellation.

How about those shoes? You know you love a good snakeprint brogue. And with a pointy toe, no less.

Somehow, this whole ensemble makes me feel Companion-fit, because really, don’t I look ready to run?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Ross
Cardi – francesca’s
Shoes – Naturalizer

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