Breaking down the budget :: October 2014

Here’s my haul for the month of October. Since I’ve not really decided on a budget yet ($150? $200? $250?), I’m thinking $251.65 is pretty good, especially considering my Caesar-like excesses of the past.

That said, I suppose I could’ve been even more under budget had I not made that last-minute eBay purchase of that Kirna Zabete dress or that Libertine blazer. Those two items really put me over the top. My only defense is that I went into panic mode when both my Libertine dress and my Kirna Zabete ended up being to snug on me and, rather than simply vowing to cut out sweets for a bit and lose the weight, I decided to replace them with new pieces.

What some of you may not know is that I obsessed over Target/designer collab pieces this past summer. I Wiki-ed them all, and then, going all the way back to 2006, I Mad Hunted so I at least owned one item per collection. Some were pretty easy to acquire and cost me mere pennies (thank you, thredUp!) but others were more challenging and/or more pricey. It didn’t help that the earlier collabs were junior sizes and I’m easily a size 13, not a popular choice out there in eBay land.

Anyhow, my Kirna size medium is up for grabs on eBay if anyone’s interested.

As for the rest of my haul? I did mention I went buck wild with the Payless Comfort Plus sale, thus the shoes. And snuggly cardis ftw! Click on each item for more side stories, if you’re so inclined.

(And yes, Whitney, doing this budget update really kept me from overspending too much. Thanks for the suggestion!)





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