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5 Things :: grassroots campaigning

It’s election year (at least so the Social Studies teachers tell me; I’m woefully current events inept due to my propensity for fictional drama on TV as opposed to newscasts and I might as well surrender my liberal teacher card since I don’t do NPR).

And in honor of this, I would like to put forth my important, albeit selfish, requests to the Powers that Be. In no particular order:

  1. Get rid of Daylight Savings Time. Because we are no longer an agrarian nation and I hate losing that hour of sleep in the spring, even if I do gain in back in the fall. I’d rather not gain than have to lose.
  2. Tax junk food. I’m doing a mandatory unit right now and one of the readings is this article and I am thoroughly persuaded.
  3. End compulsory education at 8th grade. Then make kids take a serious aptitude test to determine their next education steps. If it be a trade, then so be it. If it be in academia, then hallelujah. College should not be the end all-be all of life.
  4. Require parenting classes. Not as a punitive measure, but as a learning process. And mandate it at each formative stage of a child’s life. If I, as a teacher, have to complete professional development training to keep fresh and invigorated, why not parents? I’d love to take classes on how to teach my daughter not to be a mean girl or how to communicate with my pre-teen son beyond grunting.
  5. This is more for my local government, but c’mon, California! Let’s get with the program and gimme a tax-free weekend already! I’m no economist, but I’m betting one weekend won’t kill businesses and would actually encourage consumption. I’d be happy if it was only for back-to-school items and technology, although clothes and shoes would be great too.


Week in review - Not so much "animal" and more reds and blacks and whites. Odd, that.

Week in review – Not so much “animal” and more reds and blacks and whites.

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